How To Fix Invalid Token showing on BlenderKit "Invalid Token" Error In Blender 1.8.3

a quick guide on how to fix Invalid Token to BlenderKit showing "Invalid Token" Error In Blender 1.8.3. Try login out of your Blender Account and Using the Blenderkit while you are logged out. This will resolve the problem of Invalid token in Blender. You can then resign up and the problem will be resolved. Read this article if you do not still understand how to do this

How To Fix Invalid Token  showing on BlenderKit  "Invalid Token" Error In Blender 1.8.3
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If you are running blender and like using the easy tool kit that helps you search for assets across blender directly in blender you might have encountered an error that is common in Blender 1.8.3. The error is an Invalid Token showing in Blender Kit, it asks you to refresh and still fails to retrieve your desired Models and Material.

Here is how you can fix BlenderKit “Invalid Token” shown in Blenderkit

  1. Open Blender

To resolve this error start by opening your blender 1.8.3 as I have shown you in the picture below, but also do not worry if you already have your Blender tab open, you can just jump to step 2.

  1. Go to your login profile

One gets the invalid token Error in Blender 1.8.3 because their login session has simply timed out. Of course, blender still shows that you are logged in and indeed there should be nothing wrong with that yet it’s a bug that requires you to log out and then do the model scan. Hence the invalid tool Blenderkit Error suggests you should refresh to get a new token.

To fix the error and be able to access your free asserts directly in Blender tool Kit

Go to the BlenderKit Options and Log out, once you are logged out search for Your desired Blender Model, Blender Materials, and other Blender 3D stuff.

  1. Simply log out and the Blender Tool Kit will start working.

In the picture below I have shown you that the solution I have discussed above on how actually works, When I encountered the invalid token error on Blender 1.83 when I was searching for things using the Ads-on Blenderkit

I simply logged out of my Blender Account and when I searched for Blender Models on the Blender inbuilt Blenderkit the tool worked. The invalid token issue on Blenderkit was resolved.


Happy 3D blendering, I hope this short article has helped you resolve the problem of Invalid Token that occurs with Blenderkit in Blender 1.82. Comment down if this easy article helped you, We could Love to hear from you.