This article shall provide you with the 10 valuable tips on how you can boost your self-esteem


Self-esteem is how we see ourselves either positively or negatively depending on circumstances. It is determined by our self-confidence. By definition, self-confidence is the way one feels about their skills and talents. Lack of self-confidence diminishes one’s ability for pursuing his or her dreams with skills and talents they are blessed with. Conversely, it implies that they have low self-esteem as they see and imagine themselves as someone who cannot do better. Low self-esteem further affects one’s mental abilities, actions, and behavior. A normal human being always has dreams to actualize in their future. However, dreams are never realized in a void of self-esteem. This article explains ways for achieving high self-esteem so that one sees themselves as important and capable of great achievement in life.

Have you ever felt contemptuous about yourself and thought you cannot do better anymore? Do not feel numb, here are ways for boosting your self-esteem.

1.  Build positive relationships

As human beings, you are not encouraged to be discriminative but at least refrain from people who despise you. Cling to those people who are appreciative and positive about you. People who stay happy encourage you and see you doing better in life. Connect with friends who are collaborative and helpful.

2.  Be kind and respect yourself

Practice self-compassion by being kind, respectful, and loving yourself. Do not feel offended by past mistakes because no one is perfect. Instead, consider your past weaknesses or mistakes as tools for building up your self-confidence which comes together with self-esteem. Avoid judging yourself as a failure because it is the failure that would shift you forward for better results.  

3.  Do not live to please people

If you want to build up your self-esteem, avoid making people happy about you. It is impossible to please everyone when everyone is in their lane chasing after their life. If you have such a mentality of making everyone happy, you will hurt and offend yourself for not making it. An aftermath of this philosophy is that you will end up considering yourself a failure. So, what does it imply to be a failure?

4.  Focus on your positive side

Sometimes it is better to consider that you are not perfect. You cannot do and manage anything right away. But a motive of imperfectness should not be a hindrance to what you can do better. Identify and work on what you are good at. No one will trivialize your achievements. Put it in mind that whatever accomplishment you actualize boost your self-esteem to do more than that. Also, you should not compare yourself with others to demean your abilities. On the contrary, admire other people’s achievements to be inspired.

5.  Celebrate your achievements and abilities

Realizing that your accomplishments are another level of your abilities will never put you down. Make sure you congratulate yourself on any achievement you have made. Be positive about yourself. For instance, organize a party to celebrate your achievement together with friends. I even buy myself a gift that I could not dare buying it if I did not make out what I wanted until I am a winner. So funny! Isn’t it?

6.  Prioritize physical activity

Some research indicates that exercises help to boost self-esteem. Firstly, short-term exercise boosts our mood and puts our minds in a positive state. Secondly, long-term exercise makes us feel good about our physical self – our abilities and physique. All in all, exercises boost our self-confidence. Consequently, it enhances our self-esteem. 

7.  Be confident to talk to friends

Do not be ashamed to talk to friends for any help. Have friends who are ready to listen and help you. You cannot depend on yourself for everything, thus, we have friends around us to make us feel loved, positive, and secured in whatever circumstances we encounter.

8.  Set time aside for yourself

Take off some time for some meditation and evaluation for yourself. Seeking a silent and peaceful place is better for your mental refreshment. Here, you can think about what have achieved in your life, what you want to achieve, and how you can achieve that.

9.  Set up your goals

A goal is a key to enhancing your self-esteem. What happens is that if you have plans in your life, you set yourself boundaries on what you can do or not. Additionally, you gather your efforts to make sure you act on your settled plans. Just have goals in your everyday life and you learn how to be assertive with your life. Try to do anything with a purpose.

10.              Build your self-confidence

Self-confidence is a prerequisite for your self-esteem. If you want to improve your self-esteem be confident in your skills and talents. Make use of the psychological resources that you have. Everyone’s skills and talents are unique just as everyone is unique.  

To conclude, if you want to boost your self-esteem, you should never feel inferior. In substitute of this attitude, you should try to take challenges and new things that will not threaten your safety. But with zeal, care, and vision, do everything that will push you forward in life.