10 Ways To Get Instant Google Approval In 20 Hours

This article will reveal to you the 10 ways you can instantly get AdSense approval, Getting approved within 20 hours is very possible but it depends on so many factors.

10 Ways To Get Instant Google Approval In 20 Hours

Many Bloggers dream of getting approved by Google Adsense and making good money afterwards. Though Google Is not the only Ads publisher out there, it is by far still one of the best Ad Publishers Platforms Out there, and here is how you can get Adsence approval quickly.

1. Get a High-Value Domain

My domain has a domain authority of about, 57 DA and my PA is 38. When I apply for Adsense, I do not wait for very long because my website domain has very high authority. Having a domain that has great or high authority, not many people have a domain that ranks as high as 57 DA. Therefore, if you strive to increase your website PA and also DA you shall have a great chance of getting approved by Adsence.

Tips on How You Can Increase Your Website Domain.

Share your website link on Facebook groups, Sharing on Facebook is a good way to increase your website visibility and you are assured that people shall visit your website and as a result end up linking to your blog articles. 

You can also increase your website authority by finding out free to post platforms where you can easily post content there and if that platform has no follow links allowed you shall end up eventually increasing your website authority.

The Benefits Of Having a Good domain with a good DA and PA?

Your articles are ranked faster

You have a chance of outranking other bloggers

You are more likely going to get additional approval 

You will get paid guest posters who want to link to your website.

Getting Adsense approval in 20 hours or 48 hours is very possible. I sometimes almost get instant adsense approval. I applied from my country and they instantly approved.

Some Additional Factors that might influence instant Adsense approval are as follows.

The age of your website

The Domain Authority

The amount of website articles you have published.

The niche you are in

and though this feature was removed, the Alexa ranking of your website.

2. Have a very old website Domain

Having a very old website domain, or a long-standing website, shall ensure that you easily get AdSense approval. The thing is, the older your website is the more you convince AdSense workers that you are serious with your website, AdSense approval most of the time happens when you are serious and as you know they require about 28 to 30 articles on average. 

All the requirements are all about you seeming serious, If you keep up blogging professionalism you can easily get instant approval. And if your website is old by old I mean about 1 year or 2 years. It is easier for you to get AdSense approval since the workers who are at Google check your website history and they are aware that you are serious therefore they instantly approve you.

I tried this for myself and my website was 2 years by then, and I instantly got approved, it looks professional and this helped me get approved. The age of the website is a good driving factor to instant approval.

Remember most of the time, absence approval is required for websites that are about 5 months to 6 months old. This is the minimum time you need to have with your website to ensure that you get approved. Therefore, the older your website is the more likely you are going to be approved by AdSense. 

3. Your Website needs to have A good theme

A website theme is essential for instant adsense approval, therefore install a good wordpress or Blogger theme. There are many good adsense themes out there, and what you need to do is get them installed. One of them was installed. I suggest that you need a theme such as a Variant script. You can find a null script you can install if you do not have the budget to purchase a premiere theme. But if you have one you can easily, purchase a theme, for about 35 Dollars and this shall help you get approval fast.

Variant script is one of the best AdSense scripts out there, it also allows other people to contribute to your website if you are to allow guest posting. Adsense approval in 2023 is getting harder and harder but make sure you have a script that is good and beautiful to the eye. This shall help you gain quick approval. While I had the variant script on my AdSense I managed to get approved in less than 40 hours. Therefore this is why I am recommending this to all of you to install it and try it out for yourselves. 

The variant script is available for both wordpress and php core.

4. Have Articles That Are Ranking In Top 3 Of Google Search

When your website has several high-ranking keywords in the top 3, you are more likely to be approved by Google AdSense. This is because Google Adsense workers approve websites that get good traffic and have great engagement, therefore you need to make sure that you are at least trying very hard to get that on your website, therefore you are going to get approved almost instantly.

All publishers are looking for websites that are ranking well, and websites that are conquering and are on top of Google search.

Media and publishing companies like Ezoic, Google Adsense, and Media Net Are all looking for websites that have very good engagement, this shall help them, approve you fast. Having a website with articles that are ranking top 3 of Google searches is a blessing because you are going to get decent traffic every day.

Good quality traffic is necessary for Google approval and also adsense maintenance, because for Ads to be live on your page, there is a need for you to have constant stable traffic, and therefore, inspire for that and you are more likely going to get instant Adsense approval.

For example, I was approved in less than 30 hours when my website had articles that ranked in the top 10 of Google searches. Adsense knew that I would be getting constant traffic therefore getting approval was simply easy.

5. Have a professional social media page and Presence

Getting approved requires so much, I have talked about, being professional as a blogger now you also need to have a social media presence that is good enough. On Facebook at least, post constantly, and also be visible on other media platforms. These media platforms can help you look professional and also they aid you in maintaining good social traffic.

having a balanced type of traffic is necessary for AdSense approval. Google Adsense loves websites that have balanced traffic, social and organic. A website is expected to have different types of traffic, If your website ends up having traffic that is unbalanced, and having traffic that is undefined or with unknown sources will get your website blocked or banned. Therefore keep in mind that, you need to have good traffic to your website, for instant adsense approval. 

A professional social media presence will help you cement your seriousness. Adsense workers most of the time approve websites that look professional, therefore your website needs to look professional for you to be approved. They also can go and check your social media pages to see if they are active or not. An active social media presence shall help you get approved quickly.

6. Do Not Apply For Adsense Doing Holidays

People who work at Google do not take their work at home with them. Therefore you need to time when to apply for Google Adsense. Apply on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, but avoid times like Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. These are not business days, and what this does is that it will keep you wasting time. Your website shall end up being In Line and it might be 100th on the list of websites that require approval. 

If you apply for Adsense approval, Apply on Monday, Because people are working on Monday, and A google worker at Adsense is more likely going to review your website and give you instant approval.

The reason why most websites get rejected is that they apply for AdSense at a bad time. During the holidays you can even end up waiting for weeks no end without any response from Google Adsense itself. Therefore, you need to time your Google Adsense Application to ensure instant approval.

I live in Malawi, when I apply for AdSense, it's mostly during the times when I know these are business days and I end up getting approved, during the night hours in less than 40 hours.

7. Avoid Violating Google Policies

Your website is more likely to be approved if your domain does not have any Google Adsense Violations. For example, if your domain has been blacklisted from Google. Find out what has caused it to be blacklisted, and do your best to fix it. Fixing such an issue shall help you get instant approval. Remember, the more you apply for AdSense and get rejected, the less likely you are going to be approved fast.

Adsense wants you to take your time in fixing your website issues, you can only achieve this when you are taking your time as a normal human should. Therefore, take your time to fix the issues which AdSense has given you per your rejection.

Adsense rejection messages might be responses such as 




All this just means that your content is not valuable enough for their approval, therefore you need to work hard, revisit it and promote your content on social media, to get some backlinks and also edit your articles and use tools such as Grammarly to fix your typing errors. 

8. The Country You Are Applying Adsense From Matters

Adsense is country-specific Some countries are more likely going to get you approved almost instantly and with no issues, unlike other countries such as Nigeria, Ghana and India.

The factors that affect Adsense approval here, are things such as the number of applications AdSense is receiving per day. When the number is High, your application response shall be slow, corresponding to the agency of the other applicants.

I live in Malawi, less people know, about Google Adsense, therefore not many of them apply for it. And this means that I am more likely going to be approved quickly than someone who lives in India or Nigeria.

to give you more context, Malawi only has 20 million people. Meanwhile, India has over 1 billion people. The AdSense applications that are coming in from India Malawi and Nigeria shall greatly differ.

9. Write Very Long Articles On Interesting 

Adsense workers like very long articles Apparently articles that have more than 2000 words are more likely to rank because they are rich in content and data. Therefore shall be very rewarding to Adsense and visitors. Strive to write well-ranking articles because this shall greatly improve your chances of getting quick Adsense approval. Do the research and write the best-looking AdSense article with factual content. 

Make sure to use good text editors on your phone or desktop PC

After you have written the articles you can copy and paste the written text into text editors such as Grammarly to fix the grammar Afterwards you can copy the text and paste it into a word counter to check if you have reached the 1,500-word mark.

rich context ensures quick Adsense approval, therefore you need to inspire for quick Adsense approval. The more you write and publish the more you increase the chances of getting AdSense approval. Therefore make your articles worth reading and wordly, in rich articles with infographics and many pictures. Avoid copying other people's content and stick to good keywords.

In Conclusion

Getting instant Google approval is something that is achievable, but it is most of the time very rare. To achieve instant approval though within the time frame of just 24 hours, one has to follow the following. Need to have a good powerful domain, name, needs to have good articles that are ranking, and your website also needs to look professional enough. It also matters if your website did not have any policy violations and quick adsense approval is also determined by your geographic position. In addition, the time you have applied.