10 Ways To Increase Your Adsense CPC In 2023

This article shall show you how to increase Adsense CPC, get more ad revenue from Google increase CPC Up To $100 Per Click

10 Ways To Increase Your Adsense CPC In 2023
Adsense CPC

Many bloggers across the world are struggling and facing the issue of low CPC and Google ADSENSE isn't even recording clicks that are coming into their websites.

Therefore, how can you increase your AdSense cpc and improve your revenue?

 1.  Target High-value keywords

High-value keywords are keywords that are worth a lot of money. For example

Keywords.        CPC 

  • Google ads -     $100
  • Ads Google.      $500
  • Adsense Earnings. $35
  • Internet Adverting.   $40

As you can see above, are some words that have very high CPC and if you were to write articles on them you are easily going to earn money because these words shall improve your adsense cpc and also increase your chances of earning more money with adsense.

Keep in mind, that Adsense has many words that have very high value and some words even add up to $1000 dollars per click.

To be able to find these words you need to use tools such as Uber suggests.

 2.  Target High Cpc Countries

You all know Adsense pays through clicks. The more clicks you get on ads the more you are more likely going to get paid. For this to be achieved. All you need to do is target better paying counties, make sure your site has traffic from places such as the USA, UK, Germany or even France.

Getting 100 clicks from USA traffic shall give you about $200 dollars in daily revenue. A click from the USA is valued at about $2 to $1 dollar and sometimes 1 click can even get you $17 and in some rare cases $72. It all depends but these high value countries have high buying power and this often leads to more earnings.

If your website manages to get clicks from these counties you are going to get high revenue and if this continues your adsense shall start becoming more and more valuable.

 3.  Avoid violating Google Policies

Avoiding things such as Adlimit or at times low traffic can make your cpc go down and earnings shall eventually suffer. 

Most people are  suffering from low CPC, because they have violated adsense policies. And even when your website is recovering from a violation of earnings at that particular time, they are low as it takes time for them to recover.

 4.  Avoid Being On The Wrong Side Of Google Adsense Updates.

Google adsense is constantly evolving, things are constantly on the change, and they keep fighting fake traffic, In order for you not to face low CPC you need to use bot traffic and try your best to avoid invalid Google AdSense clicks.

Invalid adsense clicks simply mean clicks on ads that are coming from traffic that isn't genuine. If your website is having an issue with that, try your best to avoid such traffic. Google will reduce your CPC in order to protect itself from invalid clicks. Do your best to avoid scammy backlinks and also buy traffic from bad sources.

 5.  Try your best to increase your website traffic

The more traffic you get the more your adsense CPC is more likely to increase and it's just not about traffic it's about the quality of the traffic. If people stay longer and learning your articles, your adsense account shall have increased earnings.

When you have quality traffic it reflects also on your earnings, quality traffic refers to having a low bounce rate and being able to retain the majority of your audience who visit your blog.

The best way to gain this kind of traffic is through Facebook groups, and through Google organic search. When you target High CPC words that happen to rank as well on Google search it means your CPC will increase significantly and this shall gradually lead you to make money as your CPC is increased.

 6.  Take advantage of auto Ads

Enable Google auto Ads, auto ads automatically show ads to people who visit your website in all the important places. This shall mean that you will be able to safely maximise your impressions In addition, the potential for you to get ad clicks is often very high. 

Auto ads can be easily enabled, but also keep in mind that Google AdSense has many different types of ads and being able to mix all the ads types shall greatly benefit you with your Google Adsense Journey.

Types Of Google Adsense include:

  1. Google Search Ads

  2. Google context Ads

  3. Google Auto Ads

 7.  Get good backlinks to your website

Getting good backlinks to your website shall greatly help you to improve your website traffic and with traffic comes increased CPC and earnings. 

I talked about being able to get quality traffic and how this migrates earnings since CPC has increased.  It's all up to what you write and publish and also where you share your website. 

Always share your website with social media groups and on platforms such as Twitter, and threads.

Sharing your links smartly shall enable you to get decent exposure and this shall mean you will score backlinks and that backlinks will lead to increased CPC and eventually high Google AdSense revenue.

 8.  Increase Adsense CPC by posting Longer Articles

Write about 2,000 words per article. This is among the easiest ways to grow your website traffic, quality and potential. Writing articles with 2000 words means that an article shall have more ads on it. It will have more impressions to show in addition it will also improve your website retation as many people will stick around to read the article. 

This will increase your AdSense CPC.

9. Be patient and understand that things take a little bit of time.

Cpc increases slowly over time. If you are practicing the right habits it will eventually pick up and you will never experience low cpc at all. You will even be immune to google adsense updates. But you also have to learn to be patient. Allow yourself a week of posting high CPC well-researched articles on keywords that are worth the money in addition, worth the read.

10. You can disable low-paying ads 

This is just a last option, avoid low-paying ads. This is the last action way. Others go on and block low-paying ads so that only the high paying ads can show up. This helps them maximize their earnings and continually improve their CPC. But I don't advise anyone to do this instead simply focus on their niche and the high-paying keywords Within their niche.

In conclusion.

Adsense CPC is vital for you to earn money with Google Adsense. A low CPC might be the difference between you making $100 or you just making $0.01 be mindful that there are many factors that can influence CPC. Adsense CPC can either go up or down. Below or High, all bloggers want to have a high CPC because that means they will make money. To have a good CPC one has to write good content, target high-paying keywords in their niche and get good traffic to the website while also being thoughtful on how ads are being displayed on their website.