8 everlasting reasons why forces jackets are so popular!

Military-inspired leather jackets are coveted for their casual elegance and effortless trendiness. It is not very surprising that they have lasted through decades of fashion changes. And still, retain their reigning glory when it comes to outerwear.

8 everlasting reasons why forces jackets are so popular!

Appearance aside, there are multiple reasons behind the popularity of this apparel in particular. Coats and jackets exist in numerous styles and materials, yet a military leather jacket remains a staple. Why is that so? Today we explore the various attributes which has made it such an icon across ages.

  1. They are incomparably classy

Forces Jacket U.S.A are just the epitome of classic simplicity. Styles come and go yet they stay on the prominent spectrum of the fashion world. Since their creation more than a century ago, their popularity has only increased. It is impossible to go wrong with a leather jacket because of this precise reason. From bomber jackets to vintage peacoats, they refuse to leave the limelight with the passage of time.

  1. Gets even better with time

Similar to wine, leather jackets only improve the older they get. Wearing a military jackets frequently for a certain time causes it to break in. Very much like shoes, with usage they become softer and more comfortable to wear.

Moreover, leather tends to slightly fade the older it gets. For those who prefer their jackets to be of a lighter wash, it’s a perfect transition. However, if you do not prefer that then store it away from direct sunlight. Also use special leather cleaning and conditioning products to keep them spick and span.

  1. Protection from the weather

That was after all the original purpose of leather military wear. Aviators specifically wore them for protection from harsh climatic conditions while flying.

Today we experience weather fluctuations that are uncharacteristic to regions because of climate change. In-between seasons through the year, like an unnecessarily chilly autumn, causes confusion when choosing an appropriate wardrobe. In such circumstances a military jacket proves to be your perfect companion.

A genuine leather military jacket is heavy duty enough to keep you warm. Being crafted from animal hide its ability to provide insulation surpasses other fabrics. While remaining lightweight and comfortable for the wearer. Small details such as high shearling collars and fur lining in a naval aviator leather jacket provide further warmth.

  1. Extremely versatile

You can wear military jackets in a hundred different ways and during any season. It might seem like a contradiction to what we said above about it being ideal for winters. However, with so many designs and cuts available, you get a wide variety to choose from. They will not disappoint when it comes to picking a style appropriate for anytime of the year. This is one of the main reasons why they can be the main star of your outfit collection.

  1. Hypoallergenic

This might a fact unknown by many, but military leather jackets are hypoallergenic. People often experience itching, inflammation, redness, and other reactions from outerwear made of other fabrics. For people with sensitive skin, leather jackets are a blessing.

As the material is natural, our skin finds it less intrusive than synthetic fabrics. But this only applies to genuine leather, so make sure to confirm that when you are buying one. A military jacket made of real leather can be worn for several consecutive days without causing irritation.

  1. Easy to maintain

Leather jackets like any other form of outerwear needs regular maintenance. But in comparison, they are much simpler to take care of. Leather is resistant to most compounds that can leave stains. If there is any spillage of coffee or soda for instance, it can be blotted with a dry cloth. The fabric will not absorb it instantly making it harder to clean.

A military jacket like the B-3 Bomber Jacket, can last for years with an occasional conditioning routine. Purchase a tried and tested leather moisturizer though to make sure your jacket does not end up ruined. It will allow the leather to stay hydrated and not form any cracks in the long run. According to leather experts you only have to condition leather once after every few months.

  1. It smells great

Real leather has a natural fragrance which is yet another perk of possessing a military jacket. It resembles the aroma of cedarwood, always making you feel fresh and light after putting it on.

Although the perfume is subtle and can hardly be called overbearing, it is still pleasing to the wearer’s senses. Similar to the hypoallergenic feature, this is not a thing that you will find in faux leather. Only the genuine fabric releases this slight fragrance.

  1. Raises your confidence

Heard the phrase, you are what you wear? A military jacket is the embodiment of that. It is a clothing item which makes you feel good inside and out. If you feel relaxed and comfortable in an outfit, it automatically leads to a more confident attitude. Do not underestimate the power of fashion.

The daunting air of Monday morning can quickly dissipate if you find your mirror reflecting a bold individual. It is easy to dress a military jacket up or down. Wearing it with slacks or tailored pants and a tucked in sweater can give you a formal glow-up. While throwing it over a basic tee with a pair of distressed denim creates the ultimate street style.


The transformative energy of a military jacket can turn an average day into an incredible one. There are endless outfits you can create from this single item depending on your mood or the occasion.

It is fascinating to observe how an outwardly simple piece can have such a dominating vibe. This is why it is one of the eternal phenomena of the fashion industry.

We must have convinced you with all these amazing reasons to add a military style jacket to your wardrobe. But make sure to invest in authentic material if you want your jacket to have all these qualities. A smart choice will make you the owner of a prized garment that you will serve you for years to come.