Check out latest application of artificial intelligence

And what is the application of artificial intelligence in the world? Let’s understand both the points.

Check out latest application of artificial intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the most familiar word in technology. But what is artificial intelligence in the world of technology? And what is the application of artificial intelligence in the world? Let’s understand both points. It makes a machine just like a human (means tasks) by adjusting new inputs and lots of experience. 

It includes capabilities in machines like: 

  • Reasoning
  • Learning
  • Planning 
  • Creativity 

These capabilities are possible by deep learning and natural language processing. AI trained computers by processing large amounts of data and recognizing the pattern in the data to fulfill specific tasks. 

From the above, we know the meaning of Artificial intelligence but we also know the applications of artificial intelligence because it's a demand and need of today’s society. 

5 amazing applications of artificial intelligence

In every field, people face so many problems which sometimes solve or sometimes create problems. For that, artificial intelligence has some phenomenal applications which solve your complex problems. It helps in various industries like entertainment, health, education, transport, utilities, and commerce. Let’s discuss applications of artificial intelligence in detail-

  1. Artificial Intelligence supports E-Commerce

Before we learn about how artificial intelligence supports e-commerce we have to know what e-commerce is? It is basically a transaction that is done according to the requirements of the business. These transactions may be funds, money, and data or you can say the transfer of goods and services. 

These transfers of transactions are in between-

  • business to business
  • business to consumer
  • consumer to consumer
  • consumer to business

Now the question arises in which form artificial intelligence supports e-commerce. This technology is used to create an engine through which you can engage yourself by filtering the data. 

Let’s understand better with an example- 

Suppose you want to buy a dress that you filter according to your requirement and by reviews of the other users. On the other hand, the site takes a view on browsing history, preference, and interest. This helps to build the bond between customers with the brand.  

  1. The biggest benefit of artificial intelligence is for navigation 

The word navigation is an important part of our life. In this busy schedule and lots of traffic, GPS helps us to survive. Actually, GPS is the stored map that gives information about the best and shortest path or route. The best part of GPS is, it gives optimal route guidance which helps us to avoid traffic and gives an idea of time and location. The role of artificial intelligence is that it can complete complex tasks that are sometimes impossible for humans. It helps in saving our time due to GPS. You can manage or schedule your work and meetings accordingly.   

  1. Does artificial intelligence affect robotics? 

As you all know robotics and artificial intelligence are two separate words in technology. Some people got confused regarding their work. Don’t worry I’ll tell you, Robotics builds robots who navigate, sense, and calculate according to the task on the other side artificial intelligence involves programming intelligence. In easy and simple words artificial intelligence is the brain and robots are the body. They are programmed in this way so that they easily solve your problems fast. I think now your doubt regarding their difference is clear.

  1. Check out artificial intelligence in human resources 

Firstly we learn about the work of human resources. It is a part of a business whose work includes:

  • Finding
  • Screening
  • Recruiting
  • Training 
  • Programs regarding employees benefit 

For the human resource team, it is sometimes difficult to handle so many queries and data due to this important work lack behind. So, Human resources are also using artificial intelligence for the automation of repetitive work and low-value tasks. It helps in focussing on essential tasks which have high priority in the list of the tasks. And for conversation, they are using chatbots for giving information or clearing doubts.  

  1. The major part of artificial intelligence is used in Hospitals

You all know hospitals need human resources to a large extent. They have to diagnose the symptoms timely so that people get cured on time. People have different health issues which doctors sometimes can not detect. Artificial intelligence is used to build sophisticated machines which detect diseases like cancer cells etc. so that doctors can timely tackle them. It also saves past data so that it can be easy for doctors to cure and it also helps in introducing new drugs with the help of labs.


  1. How artificial intelligence is used in agriculture?

Agriculture gives us the forms of survival but if spoiled by weeds then it’s difficult to survive. Sometimes humans aren't able to detect or are late to detect due to the fact that people have to suffer. Artificial intelligence finds a way to solve the problem by detecting nutrient deficiency in the soil, where weeds are growing and defects. 

It improves various segments: 

  • Real-time monitoring
  • Harvesting
  • Processing
  • Marketing

  1. Artificial intelligence changes totally the gaming industry


Games are the best way to enjoy or change the mood in a hectic schedule. The use of artificial intelligence is to create smart, human-like characters to interact with the players so that a single person can also enjoy games. 

  1.  Artificial intelligence doing fascinating work in automobiles

Artificial intelligence makes our life easy by implementing it in automotive manufacturing. A self-driven car connected with all the sensors and collects the input from google so that you can reach your destination safely. 

  1. Artificial intelligence use in social networking platforms too

We are using social networking sites daily and lots of time for different reasons. Artificial intelligence supports all these sites by giving fascinating technology.

In Facebook: It gives you the content of your interests, recognizes your face in photos, also has a tag option, identifying visuals and for various other tasks. 

In Twitter: It can detect your face from a complete image and you can create a thumbnail. You can suggest or give rely on tweets. 

In Linkedin: It can predict suitable candidates for a particular job. It can highlight who is active in searching for new jobs.


These are some examples but there are so many social media sites in which the role of artificial intelligence changes the way people view it.



Artificial intelligence enters almost every area of our life. It may be online shopping, television, etc. We can’t even survive without devices or systems to which artificial intelligence is amazingly modified by their deep knowledge. Nowadays artificial intelligence has become a hot topic everywhere in every field. I think you all understand the applications of artificial intelligence.