Pre and Post Cosmetic Surgery Care

Plastic surgery is undoubtedly a life-changing procedure that boosts up self-confidence. Now everyone wants to be picture perfect and photogenic. Therefore, everyone wants to rectify their flaws and wants to look effortless.

Pre and Post Cosmetic Surgery Care

Plastic surgery is undoubtedly a life-changing procedure that boosts up self-confidence. Now everyone wants to be picture perfect and photogenic. Therefore, everyone wants to rectify their flaws and wants to look effortless. The aftereffect of cosmetic surgery is overwhelming. It boosts up self-confidence and brings about the best version of you. You feel far better than before. Now men and women both love cosmetic surgery to enhance their appearance. We all know that appearance immensely affects your personality. However, before going under the knife for cosmetic surgery you need to be aware of pre-and post-surgery care requirements. The downtime or recovery time is much more important to get an aesthetic result. For that reason, your doctor will give you a detailed set of instructions for pre and post-surgery care.

In this article, we are going to talk about pre and post-cosmetic surgery care in brief. To learn more articles read the blog till the end.

Pre Surgery care

A system as convoluted as surface-level a medical procedure requests the patient to change his/her day-by-day standard according to the pre-medical procedure care rules. Here are the rundown of pre-medical procedure care tips:

  • Smoking is finished NO no less than a month prior to the medical procedure.
  • If you are taking prescriptions containing blood-thinners, ibuprofen, anti-inflammatory medicine, Vitamin E, and every Herbal Supplement, end them fourteen days before your medical procedure.
  • Make sure you drink a lot of water and eat an even eating routine both prior and then afterward medical procedure.
  • Alcohol is a finished NO.
  • Let your Doctor know ahead of time on the off chance that you have a background marked by sickness so he can endorse your drugs at home.
  • DON'T EAT anything 8 hours before your medical procedure and have fluids like Juice, water, and so on not later than 4 hours before your medical procedure.
  • DON'T BE ALONE. You will encounter disposition swings, weariness, discombobulation for seven days after your medical procedure. Have somebody near you around to take you home after the activity and deal with you essentially for a day post-medical procedure.

Post-surgery care

Cosmetic surgery comes out with the best consequence when the patient maintains all post-cosmetic surgery protocol and advice given by his cosmetic surgeon. Here our team is offering the brief you require to take care of after operation:

General comfort

  • It is necessarily gotten up and walk around your house. Practice some deep breathing exercises four to five times a day.
  • Practice sleeping on your back with an elevated head. Because sleeping on the side may cause swelling on the side you sleep on. Try to create a nest of pillow which will be helpful during sleep
  • Some patients experience soreness of throat and mild cough for the first few days after surgery. Soreness is the side effect of anesthesia which will be recovered within three days.

Pain management

The primary evening and day after the medical procedure will be generally awkward. The aggravation will then, at that point, balance out over the course of the following 24-48 hours and afterward decline step by step. A great many people won't require remedy pain killers before the finish of the primary week. Certain individuals just take a couple of portions and afterward use Tylenol®. Pay attention to your body and take your drug, as you need it. You will recuperate quicker in case you are not tense and tired from torment. Torment is likewise your body's method of requesting that you delayed down. Plan to rest the main week after the medical procedure. Narcotics reacts with alcoholic compounds, that’s why it is recommended not to drink alcohol while taking Narcotics. You may experience the effect of drowsiness after taking narcotics. After one month you can take alcohol while stopping pain medication.


Doctor implement drainage system to prevent post-operative swelling, leakage of fluid. The doctor will instruct you for drain care before leaving your hospital bed. Do not keep the drain of the operation wet, it may cause infection. Primarily the drainage will be red with few amount of blood, then it gets clear yellow within 4 to 5 days. When blood clots in the tube, it can be eliminated by applying adequate pressure. You should not put tension on the tube where it is linked with the wound. You must wash your hand before and after handling the drains.

Wound care

There is no need to say, you have to clean your dressing after 2-3 days of surgery. If you carry a drain, your first dressing will be at your clinic. Your nurse will teach you how to perform dressing at your home, It will be not so difficult but you have to take care of it with concentration. Your doctor will give you wound care instructions for better care.

Many people ask about the “plastic surgery cost”, but it is difficult to say in a defined way. The pricing packages depend upon the procedure that needs to be performed, who is performing the procedure, and where the surgery is going to take place.