How to Design Custom Boxes According to your Requirements?

Custom boxes are an opportunity for brands to connect with their customers and compel them to purchase the product.

How to Design Custom Boxes According to your Requirements?
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Custom Boxes Wholesale:

Custom boxes are an opportunity for brands to connect with their customers and compel them to purchase the product. Every product needs packaging that is specially created for it so the product can look prominent on retail shelves. Usually, there are hundreds of similar products on retail shelves. Have you ever thought about what makes a customer choose a specific product over the others when all of them are alike? Well, the answer is pretty simple. Packaging plays a key role in impressing customers. Packaging is a source of information for them. In this fast world, the customer doesn’t have time to check online for products information. They rely on information printed on the packaging.  Custom-designed packaging along with all relevant information is the secret behind many big brands’ success.  Custom boxes help customer to choose their favorite product. These boxes satisfy the customer about its purchase. 

Custom pillow boxes are an easy, cheap yet effective way to advertise the products and enhance brand visibility.  Product manufacturers spend their hard-earned money on custom packaging because they are well aware of the fact that the cost of packaging is nothing compared to the benefits it brings for the brand. Unique packaging brings long-term benefits for the brand and boosts revenues. 

Materials of custom boxes are very sturdy and durable which enables them to protect the product. These boxes keep your products in their original form so customers can open the packaging to a perfect product. This will make customers satisfied and will bring repurchase for your products.  In today's fast world packaging is the key factor behind making a brand successful. Bland boxes can have disastrous effects on product sales and will damage your repute. Custom boxes serve multiple purposes for your products like protection, marketing, identification, and transportation. Uniquely designed custom boxes sell like hotcakes. 

If you want top-notch packaging for your products, follow the below written simple steps.

Right Material:

Designing packaging for your business can be a bit tricky as a slight mistake can bring adverse effects to the business. Designing your packaging is dependent on the quality of material you choose because a substandard material will not protect your product and will also not give good printing results. This will cost the brand its goodwill and loyal customer base. Before designing the packaging always makes sure that you are using high quality and durable material as it will form the base of your packaging. You can choose the right material for your packaging by considering the following questions;

  • What is the nature of my product and how fragile it is?
  • What is my budget for packaging? 
  • How much time my product will depend on the retail shelves? 

Famous material options for custom boxes are: 

  • Kraft: An eco-friendly material made from natural wood pulp. This recyclable material is brown but can be changed as per the product manufacturer’s needs. Kraft is a lightweight and durable material. it is mostly used for less fragile products. 
  • Cardboard: Cardboard is a very lightweight, durable material that is very cost-effective. it is easily available in the market and is used for all industries. Cardboard can be easily molded into any shape, design, and size. It also gives amazing printing results.   
  • Corrugated stock; one of the sturdiest materials. it is considered best for heavy and fragile items that have to cover long-distance shipping.

Size and Style:

Sleeve box come in different sizes and shapes and therefore one box cannot fit them all. Gone are the days when one box was used for all products because today's customer wants to customize packaging for products. Packaging products in The style-sized boxes look absurd and unreasonable. The search box also costs you extra as the size of the box needs more material and will require packaging materials like bubble wrap. Choose a size that is according to your products.  Once you chose the size, the next step is to choose the right style of box. The style of the box helps to make your packaging attractive. Some famous style options include;

  • Straight Tuck Boxes
  • Auto-lock Bottom Boxes
  • Display Boxes
  • 5-panel Hanger Boxes
  • Two-piece Boxes
  • Tuck Top Boxes
  • Cube boxes
  • Pillow boxes 

And many more

once you have decided the size and style of the box the next step is designing and printing your box but before jumping onto the next that there are few things that you should consider; 

Your packaging should reflect the target audience’s taste so before designing your packaging get an understanding of what your customers expect from your brand and what are the trends in the market. Understanding these things will help you to create your brand vision and story on packaging so your packaging can look unique and charming.

 Designing and Printing:

 Unique and effective custom boxes make your products jump into customers’ trolleys. You can design the boxes of your creativity or you can hire a professional to do the tasks for you. Colors play important role in attracting customers as colors can create an emotional relationship between a brand and its customers. Use attractive color pellets to appeal to the customers. Print your unique brand logos on your packaging to give your product identity and branded look. Make sure to print your boxes with the latest technology and high-quality ink so that the color does not bleed and customers can enjoy your custom-built boxes. 

Charm the Customers with Amazing Finishing Options;

Enhance The Appeal of your boxes by using various styles of finishing options. for example, add a die-cut window pane on your box to let customers peek inside the box and see what they will be buying without even touching the box. Some more finishing options are:

  • Custom sleeves
  • Handles
  • Foil stamping
  • lamination
  • Aqueous coating

And the list goes on.

Packaging has a big impact on sales so make it creative and let it do its magic in the market. 


Packaging is important for the success of any product. Custom boxes are trending due to their unlimited customization options and ability to boost the sales of the product. These boxes increase your customer base and sales. Create an alluring and promising packaging by considering the following points; 

  • material of box 
  • size of box 
  • designing of box 
  • printing option 
  • Finishing options. 

Paying special attention to these things will help you create distinct packaging.  Place your logo and other product-related details on a box to make it communicative. 

So don’t let your products suffer and design your packaging with creativity and conquer the world.