Discover The Advantages Of Obtaining A Partner Visa Subclass 820 In Australia

The Partner visa subclass 820 allows the individuals to live in Australia who are the spouse or a de facto partner of an Australian citizen.

Discover The Advantages Of Obtaining A Partner Visa Subclass 820 In Australia

A partner visa subclass 820 is for aspirants whose partner is residing in Australia. By obtaining this visa, the applicants can temporarily stay with their spouse or de-facto Australian permanent resident, Australian or New Zealand citizen. Obtaining a partner visa 820 is the first step before they apply for a permanent Partner visa. It is a provisional visa granted to applicants which allows them to stay in the country. Here are some of the advantages that candidates can enjoy after obtaining this visa.

A Lot More Flexible Visa

Candidates get a lot of flexibility with this Australian visa as they have the freedom to do many things. With this, they have to stay in the country before getting a permanent visa. Subclass 801 allows them to reside in the country for a long time.

Most students can stay up to 18 to 24 months, and applicants who have been in a long-term relationship with the visa get their permanent visa immediately.

Full Flexibility In Traveling

A partner visa subclass 801 lets the visa holders travel in and out of the country as many times as they want. They can visit their origin country whenever the applicants wish to and come back to Australia. While doing so, they won’t face any difficulties. It is another advantage giving them a reason to apply for the visa. If you need some more information, the immigration agents are always there.

Study Your Favourite Subject

Applicants who have dreamt of studying in the top Australian colleges can fulfil their dreams now. After getting the visa, they can shortlist the top colleges according to the subject. With that, they can check out the fees, eligibility criteria, and other parameters to get enrolled.

Full Working Rights

This partner visa allows applicants to work in any company based in Australia. There is no restriction in interviews they wish to attend, which company they would like to work for, etc. Everyone has the freedom to work in the country, provided they qualify for all the prerequisites.

Gain Access To Medicare

Applicants who are applying for this visa gain access to Medicare soon after receiving the visa. It means they can enjoy Australian healthcare services like free consultations and treatments. It also gives free accommodation as a Medicare patient if in a public hospital. In that way, they can get treated while detecting any severe disease or injury.

Include Dependent Children In The Application

It is a fantastic advantage as the partner visa 820 will allow you to include dependent children. It makes the entire process easier for a family who wishes to settle in Australia. When your children meet the eligibility criteria, they have the same rights and advantages as yours. Step or dependent children should be below 18 years and financially dependent on you. They should not be in a de facto relationship or married.

Take part in the Adult Migration English Program (AMEP)

After subclass 820 is granted, you will get access to 510 hours of free English language tuition. These sessions are offered across the cities, regional, and rural regions in Australia. Several other options are available for study like home tutor schemes, part-time or full-time study, independent online learning, distance learning, night and weekend classes, and many more.

Live in the country

The visa allows you to live in Australia for a long time. No one is going to trouble you on any grounds. So, if you need this visa, go ahead and apply for it. But make sure to include every document appropriately. If not, there is a high chance of getting rejected.

After finding out the advantages, check out the prerequisites if you are interested in applying for a visa 820. Meeting every clause is essential when filing the application form; otherwise, it will come under rejection. Here are the things that you have to keep in mind while obtaining the visa.

Things To Look For While Obtaining The Visa

  • Not Had A Refused Or Cancelled Visa Application: Applicants are not eligible for this visa earlier and got their application form refused or canceled. In this situation, they have to check the visa cancellation effects. A migration agent Perth can assist you in this regard.

  • Must-Have A Sponsor: Anyone applying for the visa must have a sponsor while loading the application form. In this case, the sponsor is your partner, and this cannot be changed for the next two years.

  • Meeting The Relationship Requirements: In general, you should be a de facto partner or a spouse of an eligible NZ or Australian citizen and an Australian permanent resident. The relationship can be with a person of different or same-sex. While considering the application, if your sponsor dies or the relationship breaks down, you can still apply for a visa 820.

  • Attain The Age requirements: While applying for the visa, married candidates should be at least 18 years old. Individuals in a de facto relationship should be 18 or about.

  • Meeting The Character Requirements: You, along with your dependent family applying for the visa, must meet the character requirements mentioned.

  • Meeting The Health Requirements: Similar to character requirements, applicants must attain the health requirements. At times, family members not traveling with you might also be needed to go for a health test.

  • Best Interests Of Children: Any children traveling with you under 18 years, the visa won’t be granted if it is not in their best interest.

  • Pay The Debts: If there is any amount that you or your family member owe to the Australian government, clear it at the earliest. Some applicants might not have enough funds with them, and in that way, they can go ahead with the visa application process.

  • Clearing Off The Visa Fee: The fee that most applicants have to pay is AUD7850. But if anyone is holding a prospective Marriage Visa (Subclass 300), they must pay AUD1310. The payment for the permanent and temporary visas is made at the same time.

  • Processing Times: Another factor to consider is that the processing time is lesser when you have entered all details correctly. Some candidates miss on particulars which lead to delay in the application process. In general, the processing time for 75% of applications is 24 months and for 90% is 31 months.

  • Keep Track Of The Visa Application Process: After filling the application form, you must keep track of the visa application process. In that way, if the professionals ask for some more details, you can provide them without delay. The best solution is to appoint a visa consultant Perth who will track all the time. It will help in updating the data when the experts need them.

Final thoughts

A suitable way would be to hire a migration consultant Perth to help you get the visa. The experts are trained in this regard, which will help them help customers get the visa within a short time. By appointing them, you can avoid coming under the rejection list.

Your visa application will have all the particulars in place. It helps in getting the visa on time without facing cancellation. After that, you can enjoy the perks of visa 820 mentioned above.