Five Packaging Techniques Successful Businesses Use

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Five Packaging Techniques Successful Businesses Use

Companies are always searching for new and improved ways to pack their products. It is important to use boxes that look stylish and appealing while keeping their efficiency in mind. Therefore, many businesses have now switched to handle boxes, and you can do it too. These useful boxes are an excellent packaging solution and make carrying the products easier for the customers. In addition to this, you can also save the cost of using shopping bags as well. Thus, using these boxes is a cost-efficient way to pack your products. Moreover, you can use these boxes for packaging different things like food, clothes, jewelry and bakery items, etc. 

Read this till the end to find some amazing tips used by successful businesses for packaging products. 

Use a Design that Fits the Products

These boxes can be used for a variety of products. Therefore, you can choose a design and customize it in different ways. This can help you design a box that fits your products appropriately. The most famous boxes for wholesale handle packaging are gable boxes. However, you can add handles to other boxes to make them easier to carry as well. These designs include: 

• Mailer boxes. 

• Pillow boxes. 

• Storage boxes.  

You can also select any suitable coating to add to the boxes’ appeal. It is essential to use the right coating so that it complements the rest of the design. Packaging companies offer two different coatings for the boxes. For instance, you can use a gloss coating for a soft and shiny touch. This coating also prevents colors from soaking into the material of the Pillow boxes. On the other hand, you can use matte coating if you want to give a dull and matte look to the boxes. However, this coating does not prevent the colors from soaking in.

Give a glimpse of what’s inside

Designing creative and unique packaging is all about enhancing the display of your products. So, you can kick it up a notch by giving customers a small glimpse of the boxes' contents. This can help attract more customers, which will also be beneficial for your sales. Moreover, customers will be able to get an idea of what the products look like. This addition can also work great for baked items such as artistic cupcakes etc.  

To give a sneak peek of your products, you can add windows to the boxes through which customers can look inside. You can include die-cuts of any size or shape in the boxes. These windows are then covered with PVC material, so the safety of the products is not compromised. Furthermore, this can also enable customers to look at the products without opening the custom handle window boxes.

The Stronger the Boxes, the Better it is

One of the main objectives of packaging products is to prevent them from breaking or getting damaged. However, it is even more necessary to use sturdy materials for custom packaging boxes with handles. This is because these boxes are carried or held by the handles. Therefore, they have to bear the entire weight of the products inside. Hence, if sturdy materials are not used, the boxes will tear apart and create a problem for the customers.

Hence, to create efficient and safe boxes for your products, you can choose from different materials. For instance, you can use cardstock for packaging different light weight products. These may include food, baked good or clothes, etc. This material is durable and keeps the products safe from harm. However, if you want to order packaging for heavier products, corrugated material is a suitable choice. Corrugated material is resilient and keeps the products safe during transportation as well.

In addition to this, you can pick kraft material if you are searching for an eco-friendly alternative. Kraft material can help keep the environment safe as it is biodegradable and can be recycled as well. Moreover, by using custom kraft handle boxes, you can help customers lead eco-friendly lives as well.

Select a Suitable Printing Technique

All manufacturers have different requirements when it comes to printing so they can achieve the desired look for the boxes. Hence packaging companies offer you the option of choosing a printing technique that is suitable for your boxes. The three techniques available for custom printed handle boxes wholesale are: 

• Offset printing.

• Digital printing.

• Flexography printing.

You can do several things with the help of these printing techniques. For instance, you can print a magnificent logo along with the brand name. Furthermore, you can make the boxes informative by adding impressive and essential details regarding the products.

Choose an Eye-Catching Color Scheme

Colors can play a significant role in making the printed Cake Boxes with handle look enticing and distinctive. Bright and striking colors can help your packaging stand out and grab people’s attention. Furthermore, it is vital to choose a color scheme according to the target audience. For instance, vivid colors are suitable for children. However, a minimal and elegant color scheme is appropriate for adults. In addition to this, packaging companies also allow you to select a color model for the cardboard boxes with handles. The models available are CMYK and PMS.

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