Get attractive packaging of donut boxes for your bakery

Custom printed donut boxes are the best and cheap option to enhance your sale and advertise your brand.

Get attractive packaging of donut boxes for your bakery

Donuts are liked by people of all ages all over the world and most selling bakery items. Its popularity forces the retailers to present them in all different possible ways. To increase its sale, you have to adopt innovative packaging techniques that make your item attractive on the shelves of the bakery. Eye-catching donut boxes urge people to buy them.

Custom Donut Boxes can keep this food item fresh and preserve it from spoiling and crushing. People always attract to quality and stylish packaging. By availing of the services of our experts, you can attract more customers by the creative packaging of your donuts. We are offering a cool feature of window die-cut to make your boxes more attractive. Customers can see the colorful mouthwatering donuts through the packaging. To make it protective you can add a PVC sheet on the die-cut that helps to keep the donut safe from dust, germs, moisture, and other harmful factors.

We are offering custom printed donut boxes at wholesale

Custom printed donut boxes are the best and cheap option to enhance your sale and advertise your brand. If you are in the search of the best quality donut boxes in Canada then you are on the right platform. Here you can get creative boxes at wholesale rates. We are the best supplier of donut boxes all over Canada.

Are you thinking to start a new bakery? Get our help and make its identity in the market with the best quality and affordable packaging boxes. ICB is the most trustworthy place who cares about his clients and try to provide the maximum benefits.

Custom printed boxes grab your customers fast

Donut Boxes comes in different shapes, size, and colors. There is great variation in printing and imagery. What is the best way to grasp your customers' attention than magnetic and eye-catching packaging? Packaging is itself is a communicative tool. Your packaging should be appealing and communicative enough to attract people.

Boxes with window die-cut and sensible color schemes can attract people immediately. When people enter the bakery and cast a look on the shelves mouthwatering donuts in appealing packaging will urge them to must try your item.

Here at ICB, you can get cool printing boxes to grasp your customers immediately. We are offering 2D, 3D, and digital printing. You can also customize your brand name and logo with silver and gold foiling to give an eye-catching look to the packaging. Print important details on the box like expiration date, ingredients, and significance make it professional and built the trust of the people on your brand, and make it easy to decide for them to buy the product.   

Types of material used for donut boxes

People always prefer to buy quality products and when there is a matter of food then people become more conscious about it. Most people associate quality packaging with quality products. You have to choose a sturdy and durable material that can keep the product safe. We are offering different materials for the packaging of donut boxes. It is up to you which material you like to choose.

    Cardboard donut boxes

The best and sturdy material that is also heat-resistant is the best option for food packaging. You can use any printing technology on it.

    Corrugated donut boxes

Corrugated can also be used for packaging purposes. It also has the same qualities as cardboard. To make it sturdy you can also increase the fluted layers. It will give extra protection. These fluted layers are covered by simple sheets from both sides that give it smooth finishing. It is the best option for the shipping of the donuts. It delivers the product safely to its destination.

    Kraft paper 

Besides cardboard and corrugated, we are also offering Kraft paper for packaging. It is also a good option for the packaging of food items. These all are not just safe for the food but also safe for the environment. These are cost-effective and can be recycled easily after use. People prefer to use that packaging can be recycled and eco-friendly.




Why you should choose iCustom Boxes

Many customizing companies in the market are offering their services but iCustomBoxes is one of the best companies for custom donut boxes. Here you can get the premium quality at wholesale rates. We are the best all over Canada. We earn the trust of the clients by the best quality and low prices. Furthermore, we care about our loyal and valuable clients, so we aim to give them maximum benefits by providing our services. You can contact us for donut boxes wholesale at an affordable price. If you want to buy bulk and worried about the delivery on time then we assure you that we offer fast delivery service. Just place your order, and it will be on your door within your given time from Custom Boxes. Call us without wasting time and get a free shipping facility. It will be a good experience for you that will urge you to go a long run with us. 


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