Why is Cube Packaging A Holy Grail?

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Why is Cube Packaging A Holy Grail?

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The market is full of Different companies that are waiting for manufacturing appealing boxes for you. Every company offers a newer design every now and then to create a newer look. This is why it is essential to create a new pace for all the designs and styles in the market. The same is the case with the cube boxes. These boxes have the shape of a cube but are very innovative. A while ago there was no box style called a cube box but today there is one. This is how fast the styles and designs and patterns change. Which is why is it essential to know the need of the market and stay updated about it.

The cube storage boxes are of a very cute shape that appeals to many customers. Also, these boxes have a different setting that makes them even exquisite. The versatility begins from the difference in the shape as well the new design. These boxes are mostly made with perforations because gluing can never suit their packaging. The perforations make it easy for you to assemble and disassemble the boxes.

Moreover, boxes serve their purpose in the protection of various products. It is up to you to choose the product you want to sell in these cardboard cube boxes. However, all kinds of cosmetics, skincare, gifts, accessories are placeable within these. So consider them multitaskers. Get your customized boxes for any of your favorite products right away.

Affordable and Resilient Materials: 

The purpose of all the companies is to make sure that they offer reliable materials for making boxes. Therefore, the three most used materials are card-stock, eco-kraft, and corrugated. Since materials predict the shelf life and sales of the products, they have to be extremely thick and robust. Firstly, card-stock is an affordable material that makes the best cube gift boxes & Candle Boxes, cad-stick is also called paperboard or cover stock. This material is being used in the market for the longest of times because of its extreme stability. Secondly, the companies also provide another material called eco-kraft. It is a biodegradable material and this factor makes it even more pleasing and worthy. Eco-kraft serves as a lifesaver because it protects nature from any further pollution. Moreover, eco-kraft is thick enough to make the boxes strong and upright. Also, the ideal thickness for making acrylic cube boxes is 14 pt.

Lastly, boxes have to ship to various destinations, which is why an extremely durable material is required. Since card-stock and eco-kraft are not much suitable, the companies use corrugated material. Corrugated is famous for being the thickest material in the market because of the flutes it has. These flutes are made up of linerboard and keep adding to the thickness of corrugated. The corrugated is literally the best material for shipping products from one destination to another.

Eye-pleasing Coatings:

Apart from being thick and rigid, cube cardboard boxes need to be extremely heart-throbbing. The packaging matters the most because appearance counts. Obviously, having tempting packaging is a marketing strategy. Therefore, the packaging companies offer different coatings that will add to the appeal of your boxes.

1. Gloss Coating:

Firstly, the gloss coating covers the boxes in a shimmery and shiny coverage. The coating assures that the small cube boxes & Candle boxes shine bright in the light and pull in more people. Also, the shine and luster coverage enhance the sales immediately.

1. Matte Coating:

Secondly, the matte coating is also available but it is a bit different from the gloss coating. Not every customer loves bright boxes which are why companies provide a matte coating. The matte coating is not shiny at all but gives a sleek coverage t the boxes. It does not shine in the light but is extremely enthralling. Is not glossy.

1. Spot UV:

Lastly, companies also offer spot UV as a replacement for both the coatings. For instance, if you are looking for a touch of both the coatings you can use Spot UV. Here half of the box is covered with the gloss coating and half is covered with the matte coating. So you can use this if you’re interested in a hint of both the coatings.

Inspection Methods:

Many customers want to examine their boxes For their satisfaction. Therefore, various companies give you a chance to observe your cube gift boxes with lids. The satisfaction methods are:

1. Flat View:

However, in a flat view, the company delivers a die-cut sample of their boxes. Hence, you are able to assess your boxes and each part of the box nicely and check if you need any changes.   

1. 3D Inspection:

For further inspection, you can use this method too. This is basically for all the clients who are busy enough to not receive samples at their homes. Companies email them a video of the boxes so that they can check each part of the Custom printed cube boxes with lids properly.

1. Physical Sampling:

Whereas, the last possible way for inspection is a physical sampling. The companies have this as the most appreciable method for contentment. In this method, you receive a fully prepared box at your doorstep. You can pass it through all the checks to examine it nicely.

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