Get different kinds of Candy Boxes you need

Present your candies in our pretty cool candy boxes. We are offering an immense variety of boxes for your precious item to make it prominent.

Get different kinds of Candy Boxes you need
Canadian candy boxes

Present your candies in our pretty cool candy boxes. We are offering an immense variety of boxes for your precious item to make it prominent and different from other items on the shelves. We have a team of experts who help you to design innovative and stunning boxes of your choice. You can get any design as you want.

  • Display candy boxes

The best option is to present candies. It will make your colorful and attractive item more appealing and prominent. You can get custom display candy boxes in different styles, sizes, and colors. Display candy boxes are the best option to grasp the attention of the customer.

  • Two-piece candy boxes:

The secure and best style for the candy packaging. To make it appealing you can add a window die-cut at its lid. It will allow the customers to see the beautiful colored candies through the packaging.

  • 1 2 3 auto bottom candy boxes:

It is a very secure and good option for candies as it delivers the candies safely to their destination.

  • Gable boxes:

Gable boxes with the window die-cut, or you can also add ribbon and lases to decor it is the best option to give as a gift for children. Gable candy boxes with handles make it easy to hold and give it an appealing look.


Besides these, there are a lot of other designs available at ICB to know further about the amazing innovative custom candy packaging you can visit We are always available for your assistance you can contact us anytime. 

Candy shops need eye-catching packaging for candies

The packaging itself is a tool of communication. If your packaging is tempting enough to attract customers you do not need to urge them to buy by communication. Use alluring packaging that catches the hearts of the customers at the first glance and forces them to buy it. To urge them to buy by using attractive packaging you can add some cool features to it. It should be different from others. If you are using a simple cardboard box then how can people differentiate between the things and brand which brand candy they are buying.

To make your candy boxes different, unique, and creative avail of the services of our experts. Being different on the shelves of the retail shop is the most important factor. No need to worry we are here to assist you to make your candy boxes appealing and eye-catching that can grasp the attention of the customers immediately.

Design your desired style of candy boxes

You are free to design your boxes as you want. Choose any color, design, and size from the immense variety that we are offering at ICB. Here you can get any size from small to massive, any color scheme that our professionals will provide you by using CMYK and PMC color technology. You can also design your brand name, slogan, and logo to advertise your brand. It is the best and cheap option for you.

Custom candy boxes are the best option for commercial candy makers. You can also add some extra features like candy trays and pads, truffle boxes, and insertions that can provide extra protection in the packaging and keep the candies safe from cracking.

Get printed candy boxes at wholesale

Get eye-catching amazing colored candy boxes at wholesale at ICB. We are the best supplier and distributor of wholesale candy packaging boxes in Canada. To buy bulk at pocket-friendly rates call us because you cannot find such reasonable prices anywhere in the market. As a retailer, you must have an idea that how a single penny can disturb your budget. We care about our valued clients and try to provide the maximum benefits so that they can increase their sales. Now you do not need to put extra stress on your wallet to buy bulk candy boxes because ICB offering the lowest prices that you can afford easily.  

Avail special offer at iCustomBoxes

If you do not find your desired boxes anywhere in the market you can avail of our services and get your desired boxes at reasonable prices at iCustomBoxes. We guarantee that you will be happy when you get your order exactly looking like your desired boxes. We are a well-known custom candy boxes supplier in the UK. 

We offer minimum prices that no other one is providing in the market. With the help of our experts, you can increase your sale and take your business to the next level. You should trade with us; we assure you that it will be an excellent experience for you that will force you to contact us again. Buy bulk error-free Custom Boxes with free shipping all over Canada. All pieces are checked and tested before shipping.


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