Goods-to-Person Automation is Becoming The New Normal - Here’s Why!

There would be no wrong in saying that when there were no signs of technology in the old times, warehouse workers had to walk long distances to transport goods from one location to another.

Goods-to-Person Automation is Becoming The New Normal - Here’s Why!
Goods-to-Person Automation

There would be no wrong in saying that when there were no signs of technology in the old times, warehouse workers had to walk long distances to transport goods from one location to another.  Such traditional processes were tedious and prone to error. 

Indeed, the world has observed the prominent advent of technology during the past decade. Thanks to computational innovations, technological advancements, and revolutionary artificial intelligence algorithms, goods-to-person systems came into existence. Without a doubt, such systems have streamlined several warehouse operations.  

This article talks about the basic yet crucial points about the GTP system that every business owner should know if he is considering implementing such a solution in his warehouse or distribution center. 

What Does Good-To-Person Automation Mean? 

In layman terms, goods-to-person(GTP) automation is a modern method highly competitive to this tech-oriented world that blends automated storage with an ergonomic and accurate picking process. Warehouse workers store the products within the system. Then the GTP system transports the product to the operator automatically as required for picking. These systems play an essential role in eliminating wasteful travel time. Workstation screens display eliminates order errors as it displays which item the system should pick. GTP technologies are scalable effortlessly for an increase in SKUs or to match evolving customer demands. 

Goods-To-Person or Person-To-Goods? 

Here’s a comparison between GTP and PTG


Person to Goods 

Warehouse workers can condense Automated retrieval systems horizontally; unparalleled vertical space utilization – can be constructed up to 100 ft. high

Limited vertical space utilization

GTP offers more significant benefits for more extensive facilities

Employees travel to picking locations; a substantial amount of order picking labor is spent traveling to and from pick locations

Systems exceed 99 percent

Routinely realize 99 percent order accuracy

GTP systems with ASRS are costly because of the level of automation, equipment and software required

PTG systems generally are less costly because they need less automation, equipment, and software

GTP systems with ASRS are unmatched; can automatically store, stage and retrieve product in an intelligent and systematic manner

The need for significant manual intervention increases labor requirements 


Hence, it is crystal clear that businesses of this modern age highly depend on automation because old traditional processes are tedious and prone to error. GTP automation material handling solutions are beneficial for warehouses and distribution centers to streamline their operations. Businesses of this tech-oriented world should not think even twice before implementing the G2P system in the warehouse for the sake of efficiency and accuracy. 

McCombs-Wall Inc. Engineering provides ideal material handling systems and solutions all across the United States of America. It is a revolutionary single-source provider of innovative and intelligent material handling solutions. Such solutions play an essential role in enhancing a system’s profitability, sustainability, proficiency, accuracy, and efficiency. They offer end of line automation, conveyor systems, sortation systems, warehouse management systems, warehouse control systems, order management systems, and goods-to-person systems.

MWI Solutions provides vertical lift modules (VLM), mobile robots, order carousels, automated storage, and retrieval system (AS/RS) for goods-to-person automation. They provide several systems that automatically deliver products to operators in order fulfillment. They carefully analyze real-time requirements and customer data to recommend the appropriate technology for the assurance to provide the most efficient solution in delivering products to the person. 

They consider the following factors in designing an appropriate solution: 

  • Complexities and exceptions handling 
  • Sizes and variations in orders
  • Pieces per order 
  • Max orders per hour
  • Max picks per hour 
  • Picks per day 
  • WMS work order history 

Following are some well-known technology companies to which they resell but don’t install: 

  •  SICK
  •  Beckhoff
  •  FANUC
  •  Cognex
  •  BestPack
  •  Rockwell Automation

Following are the partner companies to which MWI resells and installs: 

  • Lightning Pack
  • Knapp
  • Kindred
  • SI Systems A-Frames
  • Hannibal
  • Hanel
  • Modsort(Regal Beloit)
  • ID technologies
  • Intralox
  • TGW
  • Interroll
  • Intelligrated Honeywell
  • Effimat
  • OPEX 
  • Gray Orange
  • Hytrol