Top Hitting Hindi Podcast Every Indian Should Listen

Urdu and Hindi Podcasting: Find the best Hindi Podcasting and Urdu Podcasting and enjoy our audio program presented by some of the most great broadcasters.

Top Hitting Hindi Podcast Every Indian Should Listen
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Walk away from the self-contradictory chatter of television, radio channels, and make your way towards podcasts, where the only focus is on solid (continued), very interesting content, and more limited on commercialization. And so, we have rounded up a list of most popular and engaging Hindi podcasts that are interesting, unique, most popular, and yet unaffected by the commercialize. So, what are you waiting for? Plugin your earphones and switch to Hindi Podcast and give them a try. Given below are some of the most popular list of podcasts that are well-researched, produced, and intelligent and is 100% sure to keep you hooked.

  • First Modern Travelogue of the Urdu Language - "Musafir Ki Diary" by Khwaja Ahmad Abbas.
  • Purana Mushaira - Cineink Podcasts
  • Neend Kyun Raat Bhar Nahin Aati! produced by Cineink Podcasts
  • Britain: Hindi Kahani produced by Cineink Podcasts
  • Kitaab Kaulum produced by Cineink Podcasts
  • Safar produced by Cineink Podcasts
  • Loveleen-Mukesh - "Baat Niklegi Tau Phir Door Talak Jaayegi"
  • Great Hindi Poets produced by Cineink Podcasts
  • Aam Naama produced by Cineink Podcasts
  • Bharat - Hindi Kahaniyan produced by Cineink Podcasts


Hindi Podcasting is nothing but a free radio show outwardly the disruption of ads, no repetitious music, and complete well-researched, well-thought-out unique content apart from news controversies and television drama. This is the reason why people today are turning their way towards Hindi Podcasting globally.

When it comes to the podcast, India is by far still a decade behind on the trend. But, it does have a few really good shows. An understanding of the opportunities of smart devices internet and a continuous dislike for the meaningless sonance of television and radio has started to introduce into the Indian public, as they see detailed, engaging content. Indian people can listen to this engaging and detailed content while working or commuting.


Hindi Podcast is one of the most ingenious inventions of the time. We are currently living in an era where major time crunch and this generation are rappelling with several things at once that an audio Hindi podcast works just the right. With millions of people are now listening to Hindi podcasts, it has become one of the most popular and highly loved sources of real revelation and information.


Podcast #1 - Neend Kyun Raat Bhar Nahin Aati

This famous podcast "Neend Kyun Raat Bhar Nahin Aati" is produced by Cineink in Hindi and Urdu. This podcast talks about mental health-related problems with the world-renowned doctor, psychoanalyst, and psychiatrist Salman Akhtar. He is a Professor of Psychiatry and Human Behaviour, Jefferson Medical College in Philadelphia, USA.

Mental health-related issues hit millions of people, in every family, community, and workplace. Specialists say more extra people have undergone a mental health emergency during the novel coronavirus pandemic than ever before recorded.

Performed by world-famous broadcaster, Pervaiz Alam, who explores with Salman Akhtar how the novel coronavirus has affected everyone's lives in the first two programs, supported by a discussion in each episode on Love, Revenge, Fear, Greed, and other human emotions that make or break. Prof. Salman Akhtar, one of the most productive, creative, and valued doctors and psychoanalysts in the world that authored and edited more than 300+ publications including books on psychiatry and psychoanalysis. He also writes poetry in Urdu and English.


Podcast #2 - Britain: Hindi Kahani

This Cineink series ‘Britain: Hindi Kahani’ represents the literary work of Hindi and Urdu authors based in the UK. Some of the Hindi and Urdu writers are quite noticeable as literary figures back in India and Pakistan. There are approximately 3 million Indian and Pakistani people origins in the UK, in which most of them can interact in a spoken mix of Hindi and Urdu languages.

One of the finest presenters of Cineink - Achala Sharma has presented this series. She is an established broadcaster, short story writer, and playwright. Her profession as a broadcaster crosses over two decades during which she served with All India Radio, Voice of America, and BBC Hindi Service in London, UK. She went all the way to become the Head of the BBC Hindi Service in London, UK.

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