Increase Your Candles Sales Using Custom Printed Candle Boxes

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Increase Your Candles Sales Using Custom Printed Candle Boxes
Increase Your Candles Sales Using Custom Printed Candle Boxes

How are candles becoming an obsession these days?

Without a doubt, candles are loved by everyone because of their scent or their packaging. Since there is a wide range of candles in the market like scented candles, bursting candles, floating candles and so much more. All these are tremendous in their own style because each candle serves a specific purpose. The variety is extremely adorable and enthralling because of its diversity. The reason for candles to enhance with time is their packaging too. Therefore, a variety of packaging companies in the market are always willing to manufacture adorable boxes for your candles. The custom candle boxes not only add to the appeal of the candles but also boost up the sales immediately.

Surely, the job of every packaging company is to create impressive and outstanding boxes of every style. Almost every company focuses on manufacturing very appealing custom candle boxes wholesale. They offer you different methods to embellish your boxes as per your desires and there is no issue with sizes. Different styles and designs are obtainable and all you have to do is decide. Also, you get a chance to customize your candle-made candle boxes yourself. The companies provide you with a designer and you get to fulfill all your dreams. Moreover, free delivery is available for patrons all over the world by some companies.

Choosing the right materials:

Candles are not very heavy which is why they do not really ask for long-lasting packaging. Mostly, the custom Chanukah candle boxes are crafted with cardboard, card-stock, and card-stock materials. Cardboard is not very firm but it gives the candles their due protection Whereas, card-stock is resilient and sturdy. The purpose of these materials is to assure the durability and resilient of the clear candle boxes. Materials like card stock are famous enough in the market and have their own recognition. The reason behind this is their excellence while protecting different materials like candles.

On the other hand, eco-kraft material is also available in the market. This material Is too famous in the market because it is biodegradable. A lot of companies use eco-kraft material to make reliable custom luxury candle boxes wholesale. So the real component of its fame is reliability as well as reusability. You can also use this material if you wish to play your part in protecting mother nature.

The box styles available for candles are:

1. Tuck-end boxes:

2. Sleeve-boxes: 

3. 2 piece Boxes:

4. 5 panel Hanger boxes: 

5. Display boxes: 

6. Hexagonal Boxes

All the above-written styles are obtainable for making your custom candle shadow boxes pretty. Clearly, candles are of many sizes so the boxes also have to be made up of different sizes.

Get your hands on the chicest candle boxes:

Undoubtedly, eye-appealing packaging is the first thing that attracts customers. For this purpose, companies available in the market try their best to create very pleasing boxes for your candles. A variety of coatings are available for your candle packaging boxes. Firstly, the gloss coating looks really good on the wholesale candle boxes. The shiny and silky effect attracts more clients. Also, the gloss coating shines bright in the light which enhances its appeal and value. Besides, the matte coating available in the market is for giving very sharp and dark themes. This does not shine in the light but is still adorable enough to catch the eyes of everyone.

Likewise, candle gift boxes are also present. The companies use CMYK and PMS color schemes to make sure that the tea light candle boxes and sleeve boxes are vibrant and appealing. As there is a huge range of color schemes that are present, this gives the customers a chance to choose according to their ranges. However, the printing techniques used in the market are offset and digital printing. Both the methods have their pros and cons and you get to decide the one you want. The slightest difference in both methods is the price. Offset printing is heavily charged but every penny Is worth it. On the other hand, digital printing is affordable enough to use but the results of offset printing are even better.

Customer Satisfaction is essential:

Above all, many companies think of their customers as their first concern. This is why Everything they do is for your satisfaction. Also, you have one on one interaction with the customer care staff because They are here to guide you about everything you need to know about your luxury candle packaging. You should make sure that you select a company that has reliable and responsible customer care staff members. This will automatically affect the image of a company. So in any case, if you get in touch with rude staff members, don’t ever select that company. The purpose of these members is to be there for your convenience and not for more burdens on you.

Moreover, many companies offer different contentment methods that can give you a vivid idea about the company.  These methods include a flat view, 3d sampling, and physical sampling too. All three of these methods are for your satisfaction so you can trust the company as a whole.

Why is Urgent Boxes an amazing choice?

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