MYOB for your small business accounting

As a small business owner, you need to keep your accounting records in order. Not only does this help facilitate your BAS and tax returns.

As a small business owner, you need to keep your accounting records in order. Not only does this help facilitate your BAS and tax returns, but keeping correct and accurate records helps you keep track of your expenses and debtors, your creditors and profits. As business transactions increase, it can take you days to capture all the data and process your accounts if you do everything manually. The sheer amount of work involved in updating your accounting records can overwhelm an accountant who enters transactions manually into Excel spreadsheets. In this case, the best way to save time and effort and keep your accounting records up to date is to use computerized accounting software. Accounting and Bookkeeping Services Melbourne

Why do you need accounting software?

When you are running a business, every minute of your time is valuable. You need to focus your attention on the factors that contribute to the growth of your business. These include maintaining good customer relationships, finding new customers, and marketing your products or services. You need to make sure your costs are low, your sales are high, and your business is profitable.

If you're busy taking care of your business, you won't be able to spend enough time on your accounting to make sure your records are up to date. In order to achieve optimal results, accounting records must be carefully maintained. Only then will you be able to know the status of your accounts receivable and accounts payable to determine the amount of your debtors and the amount of your creditors. You need to review your sales reports to know how much sales your company made, when, and to whom.

You can't do all this with Excel spreadsheets without wasting valuable time. You need an accounting program with advanced features to process your data and produce your reports in a timely manner. As your sales grow, you need an excellent system to track every transaction.

Advantages of computerized accounting software.

Accounting becomes easier and more complete when you enter your data in a computerized environment. Duplicate entries, reconciliations, monthly accounts receivable and payable, and preparation of financial statements are simplified when you use computerized accounting software. The system ensures that your accounting records are properly maintained and updated.

MYOB, short for Mind Your Own Business, is the leading accounting software in Australia with advanced features well suited to the accounting needs of a small business. The comprehensive and user-friendly interface ensures that your accountant can effectively use the system to keep your accounting records. MYOB is able to handle a variety of accounting needs, including preparing your BAS, calculating GST, tracking your payments, and updating your expenses. It can adjust your inventory as you buy and sell goods, so your inventory records are always up-to-date and reliable. You can invoice your customers and create a master debtor and creditor list with all relevant contact information. Small Business Bookkeeping Services

It links accounts so you can enter the transaction in one account and the system automatically makes the double entry, saving you time and increasing accuracy. MYOB can process payments and prepare bank reconciliations at the end of the month. By checking the order of invoice and purchase order numbers, this computerized accounting software can ensure that duplicate customer invoices or purchase orders are not created. This prevents overstating revenues, ordering too many goods, creating too much inventory, and making duplicate payments to creditors.

MYOB even has payroll functions that let you manage all your payroll. This means you won't have to spend countless hours writing pay stubs, figuring out pay-as-you-go, and recording sick and vacation time for all your employees. Your accounting software will be able to manage your employees' payroll smoothly and generate correct paychecks on payday.

How MYOB moves your business forward

When your most important client suddenly asks you to provide them with a report of their business with you over the last two years, you can't do it efficiently without computerized accounting software. MYOB gives you the ability to break down every transaction with your client, as far back as you need. It can give you an overview of your current debts and your customer's payment history. This allows you to quickly meet your customers' needs for historical data and improve the efficiency of your business relationships.

Your bank can request financial information when it audits your accounts, or your creditors' auditors can ask for confirmation of balances with you. With MYOB's advanced accounting technology, your outsourced accounting service is able to produce the information you need in a professional format that you can share with your bank and external auditors. You can then competently respond to any inquiries from your bankers or external parties.

Since MYOB is regularly updated with new features, you can be sure that the accounting software keeps pace with improvements in computer technology, which improves compatibility. You can submit information online when needed, such as client statements via email. You can create budgets for the next fiscal year. Moreover, thanks to the system's additional security features, your business data is fully protected.

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