Make your product worthy with sleeve boxes

The best thing about the custom sleeve boxes is that you can be made them in any size and color according to your product need.

Make your product worthy with sleeve boxes
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When you think about the packaging many styles and designs come to mind from front and reverse end tuck to gable boxes, to chines take over boxes, and sleeve boxes are one of them. It depends on the product need which style suits your product. All styles of boxes have their value and benefits. But these boxes are not for every product. But there is always a way to come out of every problem. So, sleeve boxes are the solution to your packaging problem.

Custom sleeve boxes are the best packaging solution for all types of products. Whether you want to pack a cosmetic item or a bakery product, it is suitable for every kind of product packaging. It is not just suitable for all kinds of products but also attractive enough to grasp the customers' attention. The best thing about the custom sleeve boxes is that you can be made them in any size and color according to your product need.

Get varieties of Custom Sleeve Boxes

Get a great variety of Sleeve Boxes for any kind of product packaging. Every sleeve box consisting of two parts one is the lid that covers the whole product and the other one is inside the bottom part that holds the product. To make them attractive you can also add a window die-cut in it with a clear PVC sheet that allows the customer to see the product without opening the box that saves time for the customers.

iCustomBoxes is the best supplier of sleeve boxes in Canada. We try to fulfill your all demands and provide your desired boxes, that will be perfectly fit for your product. You can make them different from others by using advanced printing technology. Avail of the services of our professionals and design your boxes as you want.

We offer Top quality Sleeve Packaging Boxes

We always provide top-class quality to our valued clients. The material that we use is sturdy and durable that gives perfect protection to your products because the protection of your precious items is our priority. We have the idea that no one compromises the security of the products. We test and check all the boxes before shipping to make sure that all boxes are error-free and fine. These high-quality sleeve boxes can keep your product secure from all kinds of damage while shipping and deliver it safe and sound at its destination.

We never take the risk to use low-quality material. We try to use a material that can be recycled easily and is safe for the environment. Customers can use these custom packaging boxes again and again and retailer should encourage the customers to use these boxes again and again unless these boxes are ready for the trash bin.

Manufacturing and Material of Sleeve Boxes at iCustomBoxes

Sleeve boxes can be made with corrugated, cardboard and Kraft paper. These all materials are best for the sleeve boxes. To make them strong you can also increase the layers. These are the best packaging material and any kind of printing can be used on them. These are also affordable materials or harmless for nature.

You can print your brand name or logo on it to advertise your brand and promote your brand. Using high-quality material for the packaging can earn the trust of the customers. Have you ever thought about how the customers feel when they receive their favorite product with damaged packaging? It will ruin their mood and they stop buying from you.

These materials are the best option for all kinds of products either you are using them for medicine, which requires high protection from temperature and moisture, or for a luxury watch. It can keep your product safe from all kinds of harmful environmental factors. The selection of the material depends on the product's need. Our clients are completely free to choose any material for the packaging of their products, and we tried our best to fulfill your demands.

Get a Special discount on ordering Custom Sleeve Boxes

It is just a myth that sleeve boxes are expensive. If you are worried to hear this myth, then no need to worry anymore. Because we are here to customize your boxes at minimum rates. You can choose any printing design, size, and style of your choice. We assure you that the manufacturing cost is easily affordable. We also offer great discounts at already low prices. Buy bulk sleeve boxes in Canada at wholesale price and give a boost to your sale. We will help you to grow your business and take it to the next level. We are also offering a free mock sample for your satisfaction.

Are you worried about the time? Well, no need anymore. We care about your precious time. Your order will be on your door within your given time with free shipping. And you will be happy after receiving it.


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