The #1 tips that you need to read about candle boxes this

Custom Boxes is a Canada-based company that offers various solutions for your packaging needs, exquisite candle boxes.

The #1 tips that you need  to read about candle boxes this
ICustomBoxes is a Canada-based company that offers various solutions for your packaging needs

Manufacturers all around the world are continually looking for ways to make their packaging efficient. Efficient packaging is excellent for traveling and other things as well. One of the best ways to make your boxes efficient is by adding candles. Candle boxes can be accommodated in almost any box design. Moreover, they are quite popular in various industries as well. Here are some amazing tips to make your boxes look fabulous:

Select a sturdy material

Choosing high-quality material for wholesale candle packaging is an essential task. This is because low-quality material will break down the box. Thus, it is vital to choose a sturdy material that can withstand the weight of the products inside. Packaging companies manufacture these boxes in all materials for your convenience.

Cardstock material is a popular choice when it comes to such boxes. It is durable and thick. Thus, it does not break down easily and keeps the products secure. Similarly, corrugated material can also be used. It is one of the sturdiest materials available in the packaging industry. Thus, it stays in shape and doesn’t break down quickly. Moreover, it is an excellent choice for if you want to ship or store your products.

You can also order custom kraft candle boxes at any packaging company. Thus, by choosing kraft material, you'll contribute your part in saving the environment.

Enthralling and Appealing designs

Candles can be added to almost any box design you choose. This addition increases convenience while handing the boxes. Furthermore, the shape, size, and other necessary details can be easily customized as well. Candle boxes are available in various designs, such as:

Mailer boxes.

Sleeve boxes.

Gable boxes.

Gable bags.

Pillow boxes etc.

You can also customize the coatings of these boxes, including the candles, to make them even more amazing. A suitable coating can greatly enhance the look of your box. Packaging companies offer the following three types of coatings:

Gloss coating.

Matte coating.

Spot UV.

Not only this, but you can also select the colors for these designs as you wish. Using vibrant colors and pictures is a great way to attract customers. Moreover, you can also customize the color model for custom candle boxes. The color models available are PMS and CMYK.

Eye-catching printing techniques

Just like other regular boxes, you can print whatever you want on your wholesale printed custom candle boxes. This can add an extra touch to your boxes and make them irresistible. Printing details about your products on the boxes is an essential step. To sell your product you must flaunt it and make it seem special. You can do this by mentioning unique details about it or any distinctive procedure used to manufacture it. The product should be described in such a way that customers cannot stop themselves from buying it.

Moreover, other points can be included, as well. Such as directions for use, precautionary measure, expiration dates, and so on. Moreover, it is crucial to print the logo and brand name as it’ll distinguish your product from others. You can print these on the custom-printed candle boxes to make their design unique.

In addition to this, you can also select a printing technique of your choice. The three most popular techniques available are:

Flexography printing.

Offset printing.

Digital printing.

Make your boxes outstanding by utilizing add-ons 

Add-ons are a great way to make custom candle boxes look amazing. They act as decorations for our boxes and take your basic customizations up a notch. Moreover, there are various add-ons that you can choose from. For instance, you can use die-cutting and PVC windows to get candle boxes Canada. These boxes are an exceptional way of displaying your products. They give a glimpse of the product inside and pique customers’ interest. Furthermore, embossing or debossing can be used to make the printed material look elegant. Similarly, foil stamping can be used for the logo or any other image included in the box’s design.

Include inserts to increase safety


The inner side of a box is just as important as the outside. When customers unbox your products, the interior should look neat, and everything should be appropriately assembled. This also makes the unboxing experience better and impresses customers. Thus, the products may get displaced when the box is picked by its handles. This is where the role of inserts comes in. Inserts are a great way to keep your product in place when its box is being handled in any way. The candle boxes may be dropped, picked up or it might slip, but the product will stay in its place. Moreover, inserts keep your products secure and make the assembling of the products better and more appealing.

Packaging solutions at ICustomBoxes 

Custom Boxes is a Canada-based company that offers various solutions for your packaging needs. Moreover, they also provide professional help for designing exquisite candle boxes. At ICustomBoxes, you can easily customize your boxes at affordable rates as well. Also, they offer free delivery all over Canada. For further information, you can contact their customer support or order custom boxes online on their website as well.