Why Should You Take Interest in Buying Moonstone Jewelry?

The moonstone necklace looks beautiful when it comes in the charming hues of this gem, such as white, blue, rainbow, peach, yellow, and orange.

Why Should You Take Interest in Buying Moonstone Jewelry?

Why Should You Pick Moonstone Jewelry?

Moonstone nourishes the soul with the moon's powers, which imparts positivity and purity when worn in the form of jewelry. The beauty in the cut, hues, and shimmer of this gem plays a vital role in fascinating the minds of the wearer. The pearly appearance and glow endures the fortune and promotes strength to the individual.

Take a Look at The Physical Features of Moonstone

The moonstone jewelry is the essence of spirituality and guidance to peace, which are remarkable aspects. But first, you need to be aware of its physical features, which ensures the overall appeal. The important point is the refractive index or RI of moonstone, which makes it a worth-keeping gem for your collection. Basically, it lies 1.520- 1.525 on the index, providing radiance and light when seen under the microscope. As these feldspar layers are the reason behind the blue sheen of moonstone and are almost near to the amount of light wavelength.

Well, the specific moonstone gravity resides 2.58 and is considered somewhere desirable in terms of durability, which ranges 6-6.5 on the Mohs scale. This means giving it the toughness for daily jewelry wear and, of course, special events. And when it suggests the point of sourcing it ethically, then rananjay exports come on the top of mind. They provide high-quality gems from countries like Australia, India, Sri Lanka, and Myanmar to facilitate effectiveness in every design.

The Additional Jewelry Aspects to Consider


The moonstone necklace looks beautiful when it comes in the charming hues of this gem, such as white, blue, rainbow, peach, yellow, and orange. Their clarity differs from transparent to semi-transparent. Indeed, you must not figure out the inclusions in every piece, but the intensity of blue will justify the authenticity. The good quality gem resembles in a glassy appearance with a couple of colors.


The slight inclusions in moonstone jewelry magnify clarity As the value of its quality and price is majorly dependent on the blue sheen and inner filling.


When it comes to the cut of this gem, then immediately the cabochon holds the eyes. Undoubtedly, it amazes the viewers through its interesting beads and other forms. In fact, the faceted is likely to enthuse the minds of buyers and look best in the moonstone ring. The advantage of choosing the cabochon is highly due to its phenomenal color game and shine. In addition, the perfection in cut will allow the suitable light reflection, which is enough to evoke the interest of gem enthusiasts.


This point depends majorly on the needs, specifically, the size and carat weight of the gem. Therefore, retailers must take a deep interest in these given points, which might change on the basis of astrology.

A Trending Love for Jewelry Admirers

The love towards moonstone pendant is undeniable than other wonders on earth due to its magical and physical healing attributes. And that counts as one of the strong reasons for its liking from hippies, bohemians, and the working section of women. Indeed, every jewelry freak loves updating their closet with this gem, perhaps because of the flash, colors, and versatility.

Its presence makes the difference, and that is obvious when combined in the 925 sterling silver metal. If you are concerned about the safety of this gem, then sterling silver and rose quartz have the capability of magnifying the features of moonstone jewelry. This splendid creation looks attractive with the party wear apparel.

Where to Buy Moonstone?

Moonstone is a highly demanding stone in the present times due to its mentioned reasons, which is evident in the different varieties and categories of moonstone jewelry at rananjay exports. They provide quality and comfort in their wholesale gemstone jewelry.