Alan Walker The Music Producer With 8.65 Billion Viewers

Alan Walker has over 8 billion viewers on Youtube. He is both a DJ and A Music Producer Who rouse to Fame with his Hit track Faded that had over 5 million Viewers on SoundCloud. Alan walker has 2 siblings an elder sister and a younger Brother. Curreclty he is aged 24 and has a networth of over 13 million dollars. And several of his songs have crossed the 2 billion viewer mark on youtube.

Alan Walker The Music Producer With 8.65 Billion Viewers
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Alan Walker at the age of 18 made ‘Faded’ which reached 1 billion viewers on 26, March 2017, and at present, it has over 2.9 billion viewers. Making this song to be the 21st most-watched video on YouTube. And is also the 6th most liked video on YouTube. It has over 20 million likes on the platform. Well, I’m also his fan and in 2020 he replied to my comment on his social media account that had over 13 million followers. Truthfully speaking I Smiled.
Some people in this world still do not know who Alan walker is, they might have heard his music somewhere but never cared to get the name nor follow Alan Walker’s Story. Yet Alan has accumulated over 8.65 Billion Viewers on YouTube and in our belief Other Billions more viewers are yet to come, So Who’s Alan Walker?

Who’s Alan Walker

Alan Walker is a British-Norwegian Electro Dance Music Producer Who achieved fame when he was a mere 18-year-Old when his Track ‘Faded’ Became a massive hit in Europe and toped European Music Charts. Faded became popular because it’s Simple and Cathy, anyone who listened to it turned out to love it and, in the year, it was produced which is 2014. Platforms like Spotify, SoundCloud and software called Shazam which were in use made it possible. For the song to be popular and gain worldwide recognition. Alan walker's songs in our Opinion are Cathy and everyone who listens to them can tell from a distance that Alan walker is honestly skilled and does deserve all the things he has achieved so far. 

Alan Walker Origins

Alan Walker was Born on August 24, 1997, and at present his only 23 years old yet already a millionaire with a net worth of over 13 million dollars. Alan Walker was born in Northampton, United Kingdom and this makes him Norwegian. He grew up with 2 siblings an older sister called Camilla, and a younger brother, Andreas.
What Makes Alan Walker So popular?

Alan Walker has a unique personality, His songs and his dressing code are unique to him. In addition to this, he has hundreds of songs under his name. When he released ‘Faded’ Billy woodman Music Label also took interest in him and signed him and this very much added to Alan Walker’s popularity. I remember I talked about No copyright Music in one of Our posts which you can check out, Here.

‘Alan Walker Music Most of it is Royalty-Free and this means ‘Faded’ under this unique music label could be used worldwide for free by people across the world. So, imagine an already famous song being extra viral since under the No copyright label is not a crime to make it as background music. 
Alan walker's dressing also sets him up from most Electro Dance Music Producers. Alan walker always puts on Face masks, Not the COVID-19 Face masks but nice face marks that are quite popular among his fans who always try to imitate him, and honestly speaking, they look cool doing it.

Alan walker as a musician his one of the few music talents out there who actually have a Logo for himself. The logo is even Uniquely presented every time he creates a song and this has made him become a viral secession than most musicians who hardly have a label to stand for them. I remember commenting about how his logo is exciting and memorable and how it makes him stand out from the rest and He replied back to me “Thank You”. On his official Facebook page that has about 13 million+ followers. Here was a 23-year-old humble and mimic to the point of replying to a comment. I should not lie I was very excited. And it’s these kinds of moments with his fans that make him stand out from the rest.

How many Viewers Do Alan Walker Top 3 Songs Have on Youtube?
1. Faded – 2,9 Billion viewers

Does Alan Walker Have a Huge Fan Club on Facebook?

Alan Walker is a platinum star, Yes, he has a fan Club a group with over 250,000 members made it in support of him and talk about him, to share his music and share their experience and how his various songs has changed their lives. It’s mostly populated by the Young Generation who related to 23-year-old music. But this is not to rule out the fact that adults are also in the group (click here to JOIN)
Does Alan Walker Have Critics

Alan Walker has critics, People who do not think his Music is worth what it has become, but it’s mostly social media talk. For instance, someone called Him a Ghost DJ without any real identity in Music when he was Creating a remix of Time which in My opinion I truly loved and It’s among the best songs I have ever heard. He made a feature with Hametz and before they made the song, both hametz and Alan took to their various social media pages to talk of the development. Most Hametz fans were afraid of the outcome, but we are pretty sure Alan silenced the critics cause the song was top class. (Click Here to play ‘Time’ by Hametz Ft Alan Walker.


Alan Walker Will hit another record for sure, and if he still continues making very good Music there is no telling how much more he will yet approach. At the time his only 23 years old, Net worth 13 million dollars, and most certainly a whole life ahead of him. From making History as a teenager (18) his is going to certainly make more history, 1 billion viewers is a lot of people and he has about 3 billion on a single song. And a couple of songs that have surpassed the 1 billion mark. Signing up as a No Copyright Music artist has helped make Alan Walker a titan Music artist.