Amazon Is Retiring Alexa After 25 Years of Service

Sad news as Amazon has made a decision to close permanently after being serviced for over 25 years. Amazon has announced the sad news of closing the Alexa website on its official website. On 1 May 2022 Alexa will close.

Amazon Is Retiring Alexa After 25 Years of Service
amazon Alexa is closing

Alexa was a go-to place to research Website search traffic and more.
With people would easily spy on the competition and check to find similar websites easily but now that will all change on 1 May 2022 as Amazon has made a difficult decision of retiring Alexa.

How was Alexa important

Amazon was important because it helped and still helps people find similar sites, monitor their performance and website web ranking online.

Why is Amazon Retiring

Amazon has not given a clear reason as to why it is retiring amazon Alexa they have just started on their blog that they have made the difficult decision of closing and that by 1 may 2020 all services shall stop working. and those who had paid subscriptions will not be able to access Alexa.

What will this mean to the Blogging community?

The blogging community is going to suffer as most people were relying on to rank their site or value to their websites but once Alexa will be gone, there will be zero means of determining the value of a website.

The following are websites that work based on Alexa data.

Ocean of games 
value of the web
Site price org

On the ocean of games, Alexa is used to attract advertisers as it is seen as a tool that reveals a website power and potential of reaching more people. The lower the Alexa ranking for your website the more valuable your website is.

'On the value of the web website. Alexa was integrated into their evaluation tool, this tool was meant to help value websites based on their Alexa ranking. If your website was ranked below 47k worldwide its value was well beyond  $260,000.

On-Site the same thing was being done, while site price did take other things into consideration like Moz rank, and google website page ranking Alexa ranking was by far very fundamental.


When Alexa closes, the internet will be a different place this is definitely sad news for all of us who loved using alexa.