Are Google Ads worth it? is it worth investing in Google Ads? Are Google ads worth the investment? Google Ads vs Facebook Ads which one is beta? This article will give you all the answers to these questions, for it offers a detailed account on how to use Google Ads, it explains How Small businesses can benefit form Google ads, and Also how can calculate Ads cost through using Convobusiness Google Ads worth calculator.

Are Google Ads worth It

As a business owner, you have asked yourself this question, whether "Google ads are worth it?". As someone who has had experience with the worth of Google ads, I have decided to write a detailed blog article that will present to you both the advantages and disadvantages of using Google ads and once you are presented with all aspects of this discussion, you can access whether Google ads are worth it.

Understanding  Google Ads worth

One has to know what Google ads are in order to be able to use them. “Are Google ads worth it?” Well, they can not be worth anything if we do not understand how to use Google ads and thereby create successful AdWords campaigns.

What are Google Ads

Google Ads are search engine ads that small and big businesses purchase to improve their audience reach, sell, and business visibility.

Google is a search engine company, when we search on Google, we get search engine results and ads that are shown on Google search results are paid for. These ads get displayed on Google search results and are mostly at the top of all Google search engine results.

 Google ads are worth it as this will directly mean your Services, website or search keyword, shall instantly appear above all the SEO based search results.  A quick tip: to get to google page 1 takes over 4 to 8 months to rank and that definitely means forever but Google ads are worth it because you jump all your competition and appear on page one of Google search results and take all the traffic of your competition.

Are Google Ads worth it for Your Small Business?

I have chosen to mention small businesses but you can also refer these advantages of Google ads to every other business whether small or a large corporate business, the worth of Google ads can be felt by both.

Google ads are relatively affordable and you can turn them on and off, whenever you feel like they are not performing the way you want. Bear in mind that Google ads can lead to a wastage of money if you are using them while you are uninformed. You need to target your audience very well or you will not get very powerful results as your clicks will not lead to conversions and sales meaning no profit will be made and ultimately your business will crash.

Google ads are worth it only when you use them wisely. Their impacts on small and large corporate businesses are felt throughout the internet. The Google ads that we are going to focus on are the search results ads. Those Google ads are worth it as they help you to get ahead of your competition almost instantly ranking you on page 1 without getting through the tiresome process of Google search engine optimisation which takes over 4 months to 8 months for you to even rank.

  1. Google ads are worth it for your business because they are easy to setup

With google ads, almost a lot of things have been simplified. Even YouTube has tons of videos showing you how to quickly setup your Google ads account and start running your own Google ads. Having your first-ever ads live will help you access the answers to the question “Are google ads Worth it?” Here are some of the video tutorials that showcase the “ worth of Google ads” in their various discussions they discuss the value of Google ads and at times answer whether “Google ads are worth it?”

How to Setup Google ads and Access the Worth of Google ads

  1. Have A working Gmail Account
  2. Visit Google Ads website
  3. You can also Open the Google site Keyword Planner
  4. Setup the Your Account wisely, watch multiple videos to be informed.

Google ads are worth it because they help you get tones of Customers

Imagine having a business employee for your business who brings you, customers, while you sleep?2 to 70 customers or more a day, you could probably love to have that guy around and if you want to have him, he is here, and the name of that worker is Google. Are Google Ads worth it? Well, if you are sleeping yet getting tons of people or sales a day from google does that make Google ads worth it?

How to wisely use Google ads and understand Google ads worth

 Using Google ads and meaningfully getting their actual value takes skill, takes effort and planning, hence the need for you to be knowledgeable on the matter. Others go on google and search for things like “Are google ads worth it Reddit”

Well, using Reddit to learn whether Google ads are valuable is one way of learning and getting informed on how to skillfully use Google ads. Search on Google. “Are Google ads worth it Reddit?

You can also search “Are Google ads worth it Quora” and “Are Google ads worth it YouTube to get and join in the discussion of the worth of Google ads in both “YouTube, Quora and also Reddit.

The Negative effects of Using Google ads without research

Google ads might not be worth it because they can be expensive and might waste your money if you are using them wrongly, Google ads cost you between $1 to $2 and the most expensive opens cost between $17 to $50 dollars per click.

If you made and target the wrong audience which does not lead to sales and conversion for your business, you are in for a loss.

To understand how Google ads value works and how Google ads value calculated you can use this tool called Google ads Cost calculator

                 Use ConvoBoss Google Ads calculator to get an overview of what you can spend and how you are going to perform if you are using Google ads from Conversions, getting Leads from google, Understanding Your costs per click (CPC) and knowing your monthly Google budget (Convo Is free to sign up too which you can use to calculate your Google ads expenditure.

                 (Screenshot of ConvoBoss Google Ads Worth Calculator)

How to Calculate Google Ads Word Cost

Using ConvoBoss this can easily be done, and it is very easy to use. Click the (Calculate Google Ads Budget) and you shall get something like this


In this screenshot, I have deliberately put the value and conversion you could get for $1,000,000 dollars Ad’s budget and if you get conversational of 20% it means you will earn over 200,000 sales or leads. And considering you are selling things that cost $20 each let’s say you make 200,000 sales that mean if you spend $1,000,000 on google ads with a 20% conversional rate you earn $4,000,000 in return every month. Again, this is just an estimation. The results can be worse or more than great depending on how you market yourself but again this answers the question “Are google ads worth it? According to this calculation yes, they are worth it getting a 20% conversion rate increases your business revenue.

Google ads vs Facebook Ads

We cannot talk about “Are google ads worth it” without comparing them to Facebook ads. Google is mostly about search engine ads while Facebook is aimed at Targeting a social audience that might be interested in the product you are selling at that particular time.

For me, I shall end this quickly, I believe Facebook Ads are way better than Google ads, Facebook ads have a far much better conversional rate than Google, and Facebook ads are way Cheaper. The only advantage that Google ads have over Facebook ads is that, to get accepted on Facebook, is slightly hard than getting accepted on Google Ads word having your ads live on google is very easy than having Your ads live on Facebook.

Facebook shall your ads to over 28,000 people who might click, Facebook does not charge you per click it is more focused on social reach and the costs only range starting from $5 and it's often followed by good rewarding results, while Google show might do the same but just showing your ads to 28,000 people that are already costing you $28 dollars since they charge $1 per 1,000 impressions moreover, Google also charges you per visitor ads click, so if you get 50 clicks and your CPC rate is $2 per click that’s shall cost you.

Are Google Ads Still Worth it?

Yes, they are still worth it, Google ads might not always outperform Facebook Ads, but you can still get positive results from Google ads. If you want to target search traffic then Google is the advertiser for you. Use Google ads word Keyword planner and get the right targeted traffic which shall lead to increased conversions and leads.

One advantage that Google ads have over Facebook social media ads is that Facebook Ads can be turned on and off mine while Facebook ads can not turn on and off. The similarity of all these ads is that they all have wonderful data that reveal to you what is working and what has failed with your ads campaign.

Are Google ads still worth the investment?

Yes, Google search engine is not dead, people use Google worldwide, and advertising on google will benefit your business “Are Google ads worth it” “are Google ads still worth the investment” Knowing the advantages and disadvantages of Google ads, I could recommend that you should try them and that they are worth it but only when you have understood how Google ads work how they cost and how to use them timely. Google ads might improve your business and also lead to its ruin. “For every investment is like a gamble you have to be wise where you put your money.

Are Google Ads worth it for Small Businesses?

Yes, they are but you have to be smart about them, they are helpful only when you understand how they work and plan your campaign very well. Understand money shall be taken from you and since it is being taken from you need to understand how you too can make profits when Google is profiting from you.


I hope this article has helped you understand how Google ads word works, and how you can do more research to find out how to maximise profits while minimising costs.  Are Google ads worth it? Are Google ads worth the investment? Is google ads worth it for small businesses? You have read this article you can probably judge whether to use Google ads or even chose Facebook ads instead of Google ads.