Ariana Grande Sings About Her Favorite S*x Position And People Love It 

It does not get any worse than this, While a lot of people do not know the meaning of Ariana Grande 34+35 song we do, and you won't like it. Read this article to see the shocking revelation of Ariana grande song titled 34+35 and yes it is about Sex.

Ariana Grande Sings About Her Favorite S*x Position And People Love It 
Ariana Grande Favorite sex position is 69

Ariana Grande The Famous United State Pop Singer who have won several Grammy Awards has yet again taken the world by storm with songs more horrible than her last ones

What are the new releases which are Ranking Ariana Grande?

Ariana Grande has of 2021 released 2 famous songs and all of them are about her sex life.

The first song is titled 34+35 which means the s*x position of 69. In the song, she sings that she likes this s*x position and when she's doing it with her man the neighbourhood thinks there is an earthquake.

The song is purely about sex imagine, someone, singing about porn, cause this is exactly what this kind of song is all about. Sexual excitement: The beat is equally awful, but her fans are still strong behind her back most especially those on Facebook. They see completely nothing wrong with it because they think the music is music without ever caring about the lyrics which are in the so-called good songs.

Ariana Grande, song 34+35 which means 69, 69 is yes, the s*x position was followed by another sexual song called "Positions".

Positions refer to s*xual positions, cause it seems to us it's all she thinks about and if she wants to inspire her fans that is what she will sing to them. 

It doesn't take too much imagination to figure out what the song positions really stand for, imagine she made a song 34+35 which was about the s*x position of 69. Where a man and a woman perform different kinds of sexual acts. The lyrics of the song clearly told is what Ariana Grande was talking about. 

After that shameless song she went on and raised another song called "Positions" there is obviously nothing hidden here in fact they all related to one another 69 is a sexual position Ariana Grande likes

What are her fans saying about this?

Ariana Grande are still strong and defending her back saying she has released this album purely for fan, another thought said let's be honest the lyrics are bad, well that was only 1 person in a 100. Most of them are keen on standing their ground and believing that Ariana Grande still has wisdom and some sense in her. Something with very much thing she lacks depending on all the things she likes singing about anyways.

Who inspired Ariana Grande to start singing

Ariana Grande started singing a long time ago, but it's known that her singing talent was first spotted in the nickelodeon show Victorious. Which aired sometime back in 2013. From there she became close friends with Nick Minaj and realised several well-known hits

In 2018 she won an award with one of her poor lyrics, a song titled God is a woman. The song was very bad super offensive. Even some Catholic priests commented on the matter, but Music elites were making their Satanic statement of confusion very clear. 

The song won best music video, and it also had a voice of a woman speaking in the position of god as Ariana Grande justified in the video that god was a woman.

Does Arian Grande have manners?

Ariana Grande hardly has any manners of cause she's pretty but don't let that cuteness fool you into thinking she has morals cause you will eventually be disappointed in her. Ariana Grande has no manners. There is even a video of her showing her licking a doughnut in a shop and later putting it back. At that time she was about 5-8. The footage can easily be found online.

Between Ariana Grande and Justin Berber who makes better music 

Comparing the two, it's not hard to reach a conclusion that Justin Berber is the true legend among the two. In fact, the lyrics that accompany Justin Berber songs are very inspiring, honest and carry hope and influence while the only thing Ariana Grande Manages to do with her songs is tell her Audience about sex and how she likes it with her man.

Justin Berber 2021 songs have been among the most inspiring songs of all time, Justin Berber has made songs titled "Hold on" the song was simply a masterpiece the video showed him, looking after his cancer-stricken girlfriend and him doing all he can to save her.

Another masterpiece that Justin Berber delivered this year is "Anyone" in this song Justin Berber was shown fighting like in the famous Rocky Balboa movie. He was fighting for his love and the words it's only you echoed throughout the song. It is a beautiful song that deserves watching unlike the songs made by Ariana Grande

Of course, she has the voice but her lyrics are very bad, they lack life and they are demonic. It makes you wonder how would a beautiful person like her sing songs that are lifeless and below par?

Ariana Grande has a lot to learn from Justin Berber

Ariana Grande has a lot to learn from influential artists Justin Berber. Maybe if she could take her time to listen to her own songs she would start to realize she writes lyrics like she's writing to the wind, and at the end of the day she contributes nothing to this world rather than confusing it some more.

In addition to that, talking about her sex life benefits no one, we have no idea where she talks that concept from, and people who think have no intentions to listen to her no sense. 

We are going through a pandemic, songs should be about the right kind of love, not her singing about what she does once she's naked with her man in songs called 34+35 and Positions


I hope this inspires, some kind of ideology change in those who are her die-hard fans cause Ariana Grande, has a great voice, and sure she's gorgeous but her songs lack meaning, thinking about them is just debasing. This is 2021 we need artists who have real things to talk about and not to talk about their own version of fantasy porn.