Top 15 Beautiful Beaches in Karnataka

Karnataka in India is gifted with many beautiful beaches. Check out some of the best beaches that can be added to your itinerary!

Top 15 Beautiful Beaches in Karnataka

Gokarna Trek

You can feel submerged with nature at Gokarna Trek. The majestic dolphins rolling in mirth near the lighthouse and the historical Mirjan fort will give you the idea of the historical context of Gokarna Trek. Go for a ride on the ferry boat to experience the beauty of the sea unfurl to you. You can feel the essence of trekking by the seashore on your Gokarna Trek.

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Om Beach

The Om-shaped beach gave rise to the naming of the beach as Om beach. You can feel the air of serenity engulfed as you stand on the white sands while you are at the Om beach. If you are looking out for some activities then banana boating, surfing and other activities along with the scenic view of the glowing sunset.

Panambur Beach

Panambur Beach is famous for holding beach carnivals on special occasions. The melody of the setting sun is a panoramic sight to view at. You can go out boating, jet skiing, surfing and other activities on your visit. The dolphins are sure to amaze you on your visit to Panambur Beach.

Kudle Beach

Kudle Beach has the shape of a 'C' and the place holds a lot of scenic views by the seashore. If you are looking out for serenity in solitude then you must visit Kudle beach. It is going to offer you the charm of the glow radiating from the setting sun and rising sun with the swaying coconut trees. You can find peace all to yourself at Kudle Beach.

Paradise Beach

You need a boat ride from Pondicherry town to reach Paradise Beach but the tranquillity and serenity that this beach will provide will amaze you. This beach has a dense mangrove forest that surrounds the backwaters of the zone. You will get the chance to locate various species of exotic birds at Paradise Beach.

Nirvana Beach

If you are hunting for beaches away from crowds then make sure to visit Nirvana Beach. You will be enthralled by the beauty that emits out from the rising sun and the setting sun with the blue waters of the sea completely merging. Your inner tranquillity will arise as you visit Nirvana Beach.

Half-moon Beach

Half-moon Beach is a hub for relaxation while the glistening sands and the blue crystal clear waters will ease your tired self. The naming of the place was made because it has a shape like that of a half-moon. It is away from mobs and maintains a peaceful aroma every time.

Murudeshwar Beach

The setting sun over the horizon will provide a complete scenic beauty to the visitors. You can engage yourself on a boat ride, and other activities. Murudeshwar Beach is known for being a popular hub for birdwatchers. The serenity and tranquillity of the place will surround you easily. You can see an idol of Lord Shiva from afar at Murudeshwar Beach. 

Majali Beach

Majali Beach will pull you down into the mystical world of nature. You can feel the charms of nature while the gorgeous atmosphere of the place seems to rise during the setting sun. The Majali Beach Resort is considered to be a perfect getaway for families and friends. The waters will enliven you in no time.

Kodi Beach

The zone where Panchagangavali meets the Arabian sea and is a popular tourist hub. You can sense in you the majestic sea raging. You can go boating in the waters and engage yourself in certain beach activities. You can see the lighthouse at Kodi Beach but tourists are not allowed in it.

Someshwar Beach

Someshwar Beach is a rocky beach with the Netravati river that seems to cross the Arabian Sea here. The sunset, the Ullal Delta, the Someshwar Temple that led to the naming of the place Someshwar Beach and the elongated rocky paths all combine in a sphere to give a scenic tour through the beach. But remember you are not allowed to get into the waters here for the sharp rocks near the coast.

Mattu Beach

You will be fascinated by the divinity and the serenity and peace of the place. Nature surrounds the region with the essence of paradise. The setting sun over the sea, the backwaters and other spots as well. But most importantly, the bioluminescent sea with bioluminescent organisms make it a more charming spot for tourists.

Tagore Beach

Tagore visited this beach in the 20th Century that led to the naming of the beach as Tagore beach; it is also known as Devbagh beach. Kurumgad Island will enchant you in no time while you engage yourself in water activities. The Narasimha Temple, the Oyster Lighthouse and Sadashivgad Fort will liven up your journey as well.

Bhatkal Beach

The historical significance of the Bhatkal beach is a charming one. The temple of Lord Murudeshwar is located near this beach that draws in a lot of tourists towards the beach as well. The calm and divine atmosphere of the Bhatkal beach will pull you down towards sanctity on your visit.

St. Mary's Island Beach

St. Mary's Island Beach is famous for the columnar rhyolitic lava and is said to be a part of Madagascar being attached to this island a long time ago. You will be thrilled by the beauty of the seashells washed on the shores. The temple of Vadabhandeswar and a statue of Lord Balaram will fill you with holiness. All charm and purity in a pack will enchant you in no time. It is also known as Coconut Island.