How to choose the best hosting website for podcast?

people are free to talk about things they want in the way they want, due to its unfiltered nature, podcasts have gained quite a popularity which requored best hosting website for podcast.

How to choose the best hosting website for podcast?
How to choose the best hosting website for podcast?

Podcasting has seen a whopping rise in its demand and consumption in recent years. With the pandemic adding further to its exigence, the number of podcasts has also increased multifold. Since podcasts are open source, people are free to talk about things they want in the way they want. Due to their unfiltered nature, podcasts have gained quite a popularity which required the best hosting website for podcast.

They are the preferred channel of information for many people. The upsurge in the podcast trend has also raised the bar and need for podcast hosting. Voyzapp can help you find the best voices for your podcast that can have a binding effect on the audience.

Podcast hosting is a dedicated service that allows you to store and deliver your podcast media. Similar to website hosting, it provides you tools and plugins to optimize your listeners’ experience. If you wonder why you can’t use your website for this, it is because of the large file sizes of the podcast media and the tools required to optimize them. A regular website may hang, block, or crash if multiple users started a simultaneous download. Thus, podcast hosting is a must thing for a successful podcast.

Now the dilemma is which is podcast hosting to choose? Well, that utterly depends upon your podcasting level (beginner, intermediate, or pro) and your required services. Although, certain websites have made quite an impression on the podcast hosting world. These websites have demarcated the line between good podcast hosting and great podcast hosting.

But what made these websites differently and unique? How they stood apart from the rest and paved the way to the list of the top websites?

To answer that question, Voyzapp – The leading voice marketplace of India, took a deep dive into the qualities and functionalities of the top podcasting websites. We found out certain significant traits that made some podcast hosting websites stand out from the crowd.

If you are thinking about starting a podcast or a podcast hosting website, you need to look for these characteristics that made these websites stand out –

Storage or Uploads:

The amount of storage/upload space offered by the hosting site for your podcast media and for how long. Certain top performing hosting sites offer to store unlimited amounts of data for an indefinite period; some offer to store limited content for a specified period. The difference factor here is the amount you have to pay for the services. One has to be sure about the storage space requirement.


Bandwidth is the amount of data allotted by the hosting website to you for listeners to stream or download your podcast. Now the top hosting sites have their different parameters for it. Some offer around 250GB of data per month, and some offer more, the price being the key. Although, it is enough for downloads between 20K-30K.

Website Incorporation:

Some of the podcast hosting providers offer help to create or automatically create a website exclusively for you. You can add your podcast shows, podcast players, past episodes, or even sell merchandise to generate more revenue on this created website. The only catch is, some websites so made have too many functionalities that you might not need at all.


 The top-performing podcast hosting websites provide you with multiple metrics and analytical tools to measure your podcast’s performance. However, this service will also be segmented between basic to professional; it is better to measure your success rate. Analytics can help you understand your listener base, their preferences, and understand their behavior.

Reutilizing the Content:

Many top hosting sites provide you with content reuse services. This means they use the content you uploaded on the podcast hosting website and re-upload them on your YouTube channel, having your time and efforts. Also, if you have a significant number of subscribers, you can generate revenue from there. Some hosting sites give you transcription facilities also. You know, many podcasters use this for hard-of-hearing people.

Monetization and Marketing:

You would like to make money from your podcast, and these hosting websites offer you that service also. They provide to monetize and market your podcast by - charging listeners for it, including ads, or crowdfunding yourself (like Patreon). Some top sites will offer you other ways to generate revenue like cross-promotions or affiliate marketing, etc.

The good thing about the top podcast hosting websites is that they offer free trials, and some even have long-term free options. You can choose anyone you want, considering your budget and requirements. Don’t make haste to decide which one to choose; all have their pros and cons; choose the one that meets your needs.


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