Bidens Strategy

Biden's strategy and the devastating consequences of it. Afghanistan in chaos. The allies withdraw. Biden the enemy in the own land.

Bidens Strategy

The Strategy

As is probably already being taught to children in school. One plus one makes two. Joey probably wasn't paying attention at school. His strategy was to withdraw troops from Afghanistan without first getting the American citizens out. His attitude towards the Taliban is also being questioned. How was that Joey? With 300,000 local soldiers, it would be easy to put 75,000 trained Taliban fighters to flight. Terrorists who have learned nothing but how to fight. It wasn't long before the Taliban took over.
And yet, Biden insists that no mistakes were made in withdrawing from Afghanistan. According to President Joe Biden, the chaos during the withdrawal of US troops was inevitable - due to the collapse of the Afghan government, the military, and the rapid takeover of power by the Taliban. Biden said in an interview with television station ABC on Wednesday that he did not know how it could have been possible to master the withdrawal “without chaos” in view of this situation.
At the same time, he assured that the US soldiers at Kabul airport could, if necessary, stay beyond the planned departure date on August 31, if not all Americans wishing to leave the country had been brought out of the country by then. Back to strategy again. First, your own people would have to be evacuated. Then you bring the military equipment out of the country and finally the military.

POTUS – the enemy within

Let's be honest. Who will stay in a country where terrorists have the upper hand? Where are women and children in danger? Where is there violence? Joey, as a guide, you should know that you first get your own people to safety. The withdrawal date was also discussed again. Biden does not want to extend this under any circumstances. The deadline for deduction remains.
When he decided to withdraw troops from Afghanistan, US President Joe Biden ignored the concerns of allies such as Germany and Great Britain. Even with their push for an extension of the evacuation mission, the Europeans now flashed off at Biden. At the video conference of the G7 countries on Tuesday, he was not persuaded to extend the deployment of US soldiers at Kabul airport beyond the one-week deadline that he himself set.

How many Americans are still in Afghanistan

Even if Biden repeatedly emphasizes that American citizens can leave the country without running into danger, we keep hearing the opposite. American families stuck in Afghanistan. It means you can't get through to the airport even though you have promised safe conduct.
If you have an American passport you run the risk of being executed. All just lies from Washington. This man is incapable of making important decisions. A man who takes more vacations than ordinary people. POTUS and the TP are a joke. They couldn't even get the border crisis under control. Let alone establish law and order.
How many citizens will it not be possible to save? The blood will be on your hands, Joey.

The Situation is becoming more critical

The situation at the airport is, in addition to the unchanged high number of people willing to leave, shaped by the fear of attacks. Both American and German services report that radicals from the “Islamic State” (IS) have 'infiltrated' in, who are both fighting the Allies and are enemies with the Taliban terrorist organization, which is too liberal for them.
An attack at the airport could, so the considerations, affect both equally. Armed attacks and exchanges of fire have already occurred at the entrances to the airport, although the perpetrators have remained unclear.
A United Nations threat assessment has warned that the Taliban are stepping up their search for people who have worked with the United States' armed forces and NATO. They go 'door to door' to find them. The confidential report - submitted by the UN threat assessment advisers and viewed by a number of news outlets - says the group has 'priority lists' of people. People she wants to arrest and threatens to kill or arrest family members if those wanted do not surrender voluntarily.
And here is a video from the press conference with Psaki. It is only covered up and hidden. “There are no stranded Americans. And to make it clear again. We are not leaving any Americans behind who want to leave the country. ' What nonsense. The host of The Next Revolution says the Afghanistan crisis showed who President Biden really is: a liar.

There are only a few days left until the deadline and what are you going to do, Joey? Vacation in Delaware? Your allies will turn away from you. You failed them all miserably. And you betrayed and sold your own people. Hopefully, you get what you deserve. As has already been said, 'He does not need to be impeached, he needs to be court-martial.'

The impact on other countries

The images of people at the airport in Kabul, clinging to military planes taking off, are reminiscent of North Vietnam in 1975. Blinken vehemently rejects the allegations of another military disaster in Afghanistan. Nevertheless, because of the rapid withdrawal of troops in Afghanistan, Biden received a lot of criticism. The 20-year mission not only devoured countless millions of US dollars, but also cost the lives of more than 2500 US emergency services and countless civilian victims. And yet the same radical Islamists seized power who directed the country's fate before the United States entered the country.
One speaks of a complete failure of Joe Biden. Also that he is now trying to blame the former Trump administration for the failure in Afghanistan. It's just because of Biden's surrender. But Merkel was also shocked by the events in the Hindu Kush. She quietly criticized the US decision to withdraw its troops. This led to the takeover of power. The early withdrawal was a serious and far-reaching miscalculation by the current government. This would damage the political and moral credibility of the West.
There was also criticism of the US government's actions from the UK. Afghanistan is the biggest foreign policy disaster since Suez. In Kabul we left our friends and ourselves in the lurch, Tom Tugendhat, Member of Parliament for the British Conservative Party, reported on Twitter. Despite the increasing number of allegations about mistakes by the USA, Joe Biden has so far continued to defend his withdrawal strategy.

Military Equipment

An arsenal of modern US weapons has fallen into the hands of the Taliban. Taliban fighters drive through Kabul in American military vehicles. They carry American-style rifles instead of the Kalashnikovs that were common in the past. In videos, you can see Taliban fighters in full gear of an American special unit. Uniforms, helmets, night vision devices, bulletproof vests and the US Army M4 assault rifle. It is still unclear exactly what weapons and equipment the Taliban captured. It is believed that more than 2,000 armored vehicles have fallen into the hands of the Taliban. Including many of the popular US Humvees. In addition, several dozen planes, helicopters, and drones.
There is now a risk that these weapons will be used against civilians or passed on to other militant groups such as ISIS. But China or Russia could also have an interest in the more complex weapon systems.
It is considered likely that the US Army took its most valuable high-tech equipment with it when it was withdrawn. But a considerable arsenal of weapons, ammunition and equipment should now be in the hands of the Taliban. Between 2002 and 2017, the US provided the Afghan military with weapons and equipment valued at an estimated $ 28 billion, Reuters writes. These included at least 600,000 infantry weapons, 160,000 communication devices, and 16,000-night vision devices.


In 1975, President Ford was left to manage the difficult ending of the Vietnam War. President Ford went to Congress for a relief package to allow American personnel and our allies to evacuate. However, there was ONE US SENATOR who opposed any such support. The result was the embarrassing and hurried evacuation from the roof of the American embassy in Saigon
This senator reveled in the embarrassment and did everything he could to leverage it politically against Ford.
Despite the efforts of this U.S. Senator--President Ford managed to rescue 1,500 South Vietnamese allies prior to the country's fall. Had President Ford not acted quickly, these people would have been targeted and slaughtered for their support for America. When they arrived in America, President Ford asked Congress for a package to assist these refugees to integrate into American society.
That SAME troublesome SENATOR TORPEDOED ANY SUPPORT for these shell-shocked, anti-communist, Americans and our helpers, the refugees.
Instead, President Ford had to recruit Christian organizations to offer assistance on a voluntary basis. As he did so, the Senator belittled those efforts. What kind of person would oppose President Ford's tireless work to do the right and humanitarian thing? Who would want to play politics with the well-being of innocent people who stood by America in the tragic Vietnam War?
From the book - "When the Center Held." by Donald Rumsfeld in 2018.

A letter to Biden