Bitcoin Hits All time High of $66,000 And Elon Musk and El Salvador government are the Hippiest Right Now

Bitcoin all time high is $66,000 and this has made Elon Musk to be valued beyond 252 billion dollars making him the worthiest person on Earth. But let's also remember how El Salvador feels since it's the first ever country to recognize Bitcoin.

Bitcoin Hits All time High of $66,000 And Elon Musk and El Salvador government are the Hippiest Right Now
Bitcoin All time high of $66,000

The richest man in the world who currently has the Networth of 250 billion dollars and the country that adopted Bitcoin to be save it's national currency are the happiest people on earth as Bitcoin has hit an all time high of $66,000.

Why are they happy?

Elon Musk with his controversial manipulation tactics, that saw him bring Bitcoin down to it's kneels, is happy as he did not lose faith in the crypto currency as his company Telsa purchased over 1 billion dollars in Bitcoin and for sometime allowed multiple people to buy Telsa cars using Bitcoin, a decision it later reversed.

Elon Musk has been a strong supporter of Bitcoin despite accusing it of aiding in grobal warming. And wasting electric energy.

Elon Musk advocates that Bitcoin mining and miner should should take part in sustainable development and use green energy or mine Bitcoin using clean energy like solar panels.

Who else is happy with Bitcoin skyrocketing to $66,000?

The century esalcsdor must be the happiest at the moment. I believed in Bitcoin when no other nation did and was the first to adopt it as it's national currency. A choice that has proven at least for now as beneficial.  The country of El Salvador bought Bitcoin when it was struggling between $45,000 -$55,000.

People in the  country even burnt down Bitcoin ATMs and accused the government of Making a wrong choice which at this time they aren't much regretting.

Which countries might be regretting because of the rise of Bitcoin?

China at the moment might be regretting as it was the highest miner of Bitcoin but the Chinese community government decided to ban crypto currency mining, the position of top leading Bitcoin mining country has gone to The UNITED STATES OF AMERICAN.
At the moment it has the highest harsh rates, as most Americans have started believing in Bitcoin and it's adoption is becoming wide spread.

The winners and losers of Bitcoin hitting $66,000 per coin

Their are alot of winners and losers in this cryptocurrency industry not everyone is winning and despite Bitcoin hitting this landmark not alot of people still believe In it. For instance, John **** still believes that In the near future Bitcoin will be worthless and he recommends people to start investing in gold as Gold is seen to have value while Bitcoin has no backing.

Trump as well might be a loser in this as he shows no interest in investing in Bitcoin as he calls it a threat to the USA dollar

In our reasoning Elon Musk, Jack Dosey Twitter CEO who likes purchasing $10,000 Bitcoin every week is also a big winner here.