Bitcoin will Reach $100,000 If Not In 2021 It Will Be In The Next Year

Bitcoin will reach $100,000, i strongly believe once companies like Amazon, Telsa, Facebook Ebay decide to accept Bitcoin Payment and Nations like the USA decide to approve it as a currency Bitcoin will be well Beyond $100,000. Bitcoin worth $100,000 in 2021 or 2022.

Bitcoin will Reach $100,000 If Not In 2021 It Will Be In The Next Year
Bitcoin will Reach $100,000 If Not In 2021 It Will Be In The Next Year

A lot of people are sceptical about Bitcoin and its potential but I do not doubt that this cryptocurrency is about to make history despite its current struggle of trading around $51,000. Read this article to understand why I strongly believe that BTC Cryptocurrency will be worth $100,000 this year or the few years to come.

Bitcoin is bound to grow and shall always grow

It was in 2017 when I first heard about Bitcoin thousands of people told me that it was dying, they said it is not going anywhere for the highest price of Bitcoin was $25,000 and it dropped and went to start trading, at $2,700-$6800 back in those days people kept saying Bitcoin is dead. I have been hearing that for over 4 years. It’s funny and sad because the Currency which their minds have killed is worth many thousands compared to the USA dollar and British pound.

My great Contribution to the Bitcoin Community

As a 17-year-old, I was so interested in Bitcoin it did not matter to me if Bitcoin was trading at $2,700. When people said Cryptocurrency was dying, I laughed I wanted to get my hands on this Dip. I should have so I tried doing a lot of things to earn Cryptocurrency I joined Telegram tried to refer people to bots which only paid once, and studied books so many of them and looked at every news post that had Bitcoin as the heading. I then decided to create A Bitcoin group which lucky grew beyond over 300,000 members. The Facebook bitcoin Community used to receive over 8,000 new member requests a day.

Bitcoin is not just money but a way of life

Bitcoin to me was hardly money but a way of life, with Bitcoin I realised a lot could be done because this was new technology and with it, new mindsets are born and created. My huge Facebook group was named Bitcoin USA. I’m not from the USA but I just thought it cool to call it that. The group was huge and the community as you could have it, people who liked posting numerous links to gain referrals. Bitcoin is more than Just money Bitcoin is a way of life. The more people who love and accept to use Bitcoin and its ideologies the more Bitcoin increases. Bitcoin is making history, not as a currency per se but as a new system that is revolutionising the world.

Bitcoin Hitting $20,000 bitcoin hitting $100,000

 I wrote an article 6 months ago about bitcoin reaching $20,000. It was the first-ever time for me to see bitcoin hitting that mark for I only heard rumours as a 17-year-old that Bitcoin once reached $25,000 but this time I witnessed it. Out of nowhere PayPal decided to recommended bitcoin other monetary services that were hindering Bitcoin growth saw the potential it had and decided to join the Bitcoin community. The prices of bitcoin, therefore, skyrocketed beyond $18,000 where it was currently trading to $20,000+. I wanted to see those people who said Bitcoin is dying in 2017? I might have missed the rise but I was not heartbroken I remember selling my Bitcoins to some bitcoin trader friend of mine. I had to get by in life, that’s why I sold them.

I strongly believe bitcoin will reach $100,000 it is only a matter of time and acceptance, If companies like Telsa comes to the open again and accept Bitcoin, Films like Apple, Facebook Amazon Bitcoin will be well off $100,000. Do You remember the time Bitcoin was accepted by Telsa? The Price went beyond $64,000. If Amazon would by a chance decide to accept Bitcoin the cryptocurrency will be beyond $100,000.

Remember these big companies have already put researchers in the group to try and understand how Crptocurries work and if bitcoin could one day work for them.

Bitcoin the Game changer Currency for Countries

A few days ago, Bitcoin was legalised by El Salvador. To be regarded as the national currency, and this is just the beginning more and more countries will start accepting Bitcoin and they will use it in everyday life. Bitcoin will be a global currency and a way of life. All these things shall make it possible for Bitcoin to hit $100,000 might be in 2021 or the coming years.

As of now, Bitcoin greatest challenge is to make Espodsas Work as a nation for they have trusted the potential bitcoin has over their Currency.

Bitcoin is Highly Volatile but it will still Hit $100,000 because of the big names that Back it Up

The first thing you notice about Bitcoin is its vorticity, today it is worth $54,000 Tomorrow it has wiped out $9,000 from its value because of Elon Musk Telsa CEO tweet. Yet this is changing the whales might control the market but as the market grows, the less their influence shall be felt. Bitcoin has also support from Billionaire the likes of Jack twitter CEO, Telsa CEO Elon Musk and lastly, Dell billionaire CEO are also in full support of Bitcoin.

These names might help make bitcoin to stable and using their influence help bitcoin price charts to always keep going up.

Bitcoin has not dipped down Below $20,000

Bitcoin has not dipped down below, $20,000 ever since I saw it exceed $20,000 it has not dropped down ever since, and I wonder why others are furious when bitcoin drips down below $35,000. Bitcoin as internet curries has come so far. It used to be worth less than $1 but today people have to buy it for $54,000 in the coming years they might have to buy it for $100,000. Bitcoin as a decentralised currency that uses blockchain technology seems to be the future currency of the whole world.

Why invest in Bitcoin and Avoid getting scammed?

It is not too late to buy in Bitcoin, it’s a gamble for sure, but you can at least buy in a bit and keep it for yourself before Bitcoin fights the bear and bull runs out of the planet. You can buy Bitcoin on cryptocurrency exchange platforms like Coinbase.


I have been curious when it comes to Bitcoin prices and performance. I know Bitcoin has come so far and by the looks of it, she is not going anywhere and might even reach $100,000 provided she gets the support she needs anything with Bitcoin is very much possible. Imagine, Amazon, Google, and numerous countries decide to accept bitcoin? With that much support, she could exceed $100,000.