Buying Your Way To The Top the sad Truth About Our Internet

Sadly, others have it easy, while you are struggling they are able to buy YouTube watch time hours, they buy followers and sometimes they even buy projects that already have potential for growth. We live in a world where Hardwork doesn't always deliver. You have to be smart to have a chance of survival.

Buying Your Way To The Top the sad Truth About Our Internet
The rich are getting richer

We are lied to when they tell us hard work shall pay, it sometimes does but those who have money have it easy.

With the internet popularity and reach is everything. To reach many people one has to find means to get them and since so many businesses have made it easy for those with money to get ahead of others, a number of individuals are indeed buying their way to the top.

For instance, people can buy Instagram followers, Facebook followers, they can buy YouTube followers as well. If Maybe buying is wrong they can use Instagram and Facebook ads to promote their business and stay ahead of any competition.

Why do people with money buy their way to the top?

Sadly those with money will most likely make more of it easily, while those without shall always be struggling to break the poverty lines.  We are constantly taught about equity but it's nowhere to be found. Those with money can easily buy their way to the top while An honest hardworking individual will be struggling day in and day out trying to find means for survival.

Running a website Feels like a fight against the rich

In the website industry, you deal with the rich as well, people who do not even write things for themselves. People who use Fiverr services to find content writers who write things for them. It's a sad world we live in.

They pay professional writers and this helps them to jump many levels as the content these writers write is already top-notch and would easily be accepted by Google with the best Google Ranking results.

The rich are getting richer for our world was made and is driven by money

Our world is driven by money, services are set in place for the rich to easily pass by, hard workers have to work extremely hard to get where they want to be mine while those with money can easily buy YouTube likes, YouTube followers, YouTube marketers, even other creators. It's a shameful world we live in.

If you think deeply about it even the likes of Elon Musk can be ultra-rich if he decides to buy in all the cryptocurrencies that he sees potential in, his small investment in a cryptocurrency would carry even 60% of the whole coin supply.

Getting discouraged by the system meant for the rich

If you think about the world you would easily get discouraged, even Google awarded those with money more than it would award those without money, Google AdSense accounts that are new and fresh get constant ad limits because Google Adsense considers their traffic value as invalid yet they work hard to get the visitors they get.

Will hard work break the chain of poverty?

Hard work isn't really the answer to everything, you might work all your life and still fail to go anywhere. There are others who work very hard but end up living in the same situation as they did Before, and you find others who put little to no effort but have excess money to throw away. 

Life is unfair, to break the loop of course you must work but be smart about it, take your chances also know that you are fighting against others who use the money to solve their every problem.