Cardi B Uploads A Naked Video Of Herself On Instagram

Cardi B the American Stripper Turned Musician has shown us yet again why She does not Mind Waldrop Manifuctions and she took it on Instagram with a Naked Video.

Cardi B Uploads A Naked Video Of Herself On Instagram
Cardi B with a friend Photo

Shameless singer Cardi-B shares another Nude video footage and this time around she describes her private parts. Criticizing her haters that she used to be a stripper hence there is nothing wrong with her present nor past life.

Cardi B shocked the world all naked and swearing to the camera telling people about her stripper ages.

Cardi B the USA famous singer, has been known for more than her good news. Card B before raising to fame used to be a stripper and she is not ashamed to show her body anywhere 

Click this link to watch Card B talk shamelessly about herself. (CLICK HERE)

We apologies we couldn't directly share the video with you right here. Since it's restricted

How are these Role Models bad for our Kids?

Cardi B is quite infamous and also famous at the same time. Her shameless attitude when it comes to conducting herself makes her infamous among most grown-up. In fact, on Facebook, her profile picture used to be a nude photo yet facebook allowed it to be there.

Kids look at Cardi B and would like to grow up and be like her someday. This is wrong and degenerating for Humanity.

What has Cardi B said in the VIdeo?

Cardi B was talking about her private parts using swearing words reflecting her stripper ages and responding to her critics who she accuses of spreading a manipulated nude photo of hers. Cardi B pointed outputs of her body and starts to describe them.

Was There Something Funny About The Video?

Yes, Her husband was seen trying to enter the room only to shy out since his woman was busy creating and spreading a nude picture live on Instagram.

How many people have watched the video?

With the link, we have shared that alone has been watched by over 100,000 people and counting.


Be careful and please pay attention to what your children listen to some of these musicians have no manners and do not feel responsible when acting.