Here are ten tips that you follow in choosing a perfect baby name

It can be challenging to choosing the right baby name. We will help you avoid the top 10 naming mistakes made by parents. Your children will thank us later!

Here are ten tips that you follow in choosing a perfect baby name
choosing a perfect baby name
Here are ten tips that you follow in choosing a perfect baby name

It can be challenging to find the right name for your baby. There are so many names to choose from. Even if you narrow it down, there are still many pitfalls that you could fall into. These are the top 10 naming errors that parents most often make. We'll be there for your children later.

1.   What does your surname sound like?

Do not choose a name that is too similar or rhymes with your surname. For example, your child shouldn't be called Harry Barry or Robert Roberts. You want your first name to flow with your surname and not jar with it.


2.   What do the full name's firsts signify?

Make sure your baby's initials do not spell out an unfavourable word. For example, Paula Imogen Green. It is almost sure that your baby's classmates will be able to spot any embarrassing words written by her initials.


3.   Would you prefer the shorter version of the name?

No matter how hard you try, your child's friends will continue to shorten their names. Think about whether you are okay with Ruby being called Rubee or Carter being named Carty. It may be time to get rid of the shorter version of a name you don't like.

4.    Is this name already well-known?

Some parents don't want their child to have a name that is already in the top 10. On the other hand, you'll likely get three to four children to turn around if you shout Jack at school gates. It is also a good idea not to choose the same name as celebrities. You may be asked frequently if celebrities have influenced your choice of name.


5.   Is there any negative connotations to the name?

No matter how much you love a name, it doesn't matter if it reminds you of an ex-boyfriend or a school bully. To avoid any teasing, you might not want to give your baby the name of a famous person. Avoid Richard if Branson is your surname. Avoid Victoria if it's Beckham. Suppose you have chosen the first name for your baby is Ruby then you also choose the Middle name for Ruby for his uniqueness.

6.   Does your name match the names of your older kids?

Avoid choosing names that are too similar to those of older siblings. For example, if your children are named Ruby, it will be difficult to remember who is who. You might also find it helpful to imagine calling your children in the park or playground and hearing how their names sound together.


7.   Imagine your baby as an adult with this name.

Keep in mind that your baby will one day become an adult. It can be challenging to imagine this when your baby is still a newborn or a bump. For a grown-up, names that sound cute for a baby may seem ridiculous. However, if your daughter goes on to become a lawyer or doctor, for example, it is unlikely that she will be grateful that you named her Kitten or Boo.


8.   Will others be able to spell your baby name?

A name that is not commonly pronounced can lead to confusion. You and your child will quickly tire of correcting others when they mispronounce or misspell your name. You can test your name choice with friends and family to see how they spell it. You might want to reconsider your name choice if people spell it differently than you do.


9.   Is your baby named after the given name?

You have six weeks to register your baby's name after she is born. Wait to see if her name suits her before you make a decision. When you meet your baby, you may have a change of heart and get to know her better.

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10. Are you and your partner in love with the name?

It can be difficult for a new parent to choose a name. Finding something that you both like can be even more difficult. If your partner doesn't like your preferred name, don't force them to change it. It will only lead to resentment. Instead, it is good to make a list with your favourite characters to help you find common ground. Check to see if any names appear on both of your lists. To help you make a decision, use our baby name list tool!