Did You Know Living in the Wrong House Would Give You Lung Cancer? A Must Know Fact for Trump Supporters

Though 90%. of lung cancer is caused by smoking the other per cent is caused by Air pollution and exposure to Asbestos. This building Material is directly linked to Mesothelioma lung cancer. Read this article to find out more about how living in the wrong house would give you lung cancer. Also, learn when to use Mesothelioma lawyers.

Did You Know Living in the Wrong House Would Give You Lung Cancer? A Must Know Fact for Trump Supporters
Asbestos house causes lung cancer

Lung cancer has often been attributed to smocking and indeed smocking does cause lung cancer. Over 90% of all lung cancer cases are due to smoking but there is another hidden per cent that has caught your attention and its revelation will shock you.

Several things are linked to Lung cancer: Smoking does pick up the number 1 spot with 90% of causes of lung cancer linked to Active smoking. The other 10% is shared with Air Pollution, radiation and Exposure to a substance called Asbestos.

What Makes Asbestos a Deadly Secret Cancer-Causing Agent?

Numerous people are living in the dark, they have no clue about the dangers of Asbestos and sadly this Natural occurring mineral was once a common building material yet inhering its Fibres does cause lung cancer Hence it is essential to Enlighten you that “Living in the wrong house would cause you lung cancer”. This is the sad truth about our world and something that Americans and everyone else in this world should know. Smocking is linked to Lung cancers yet someone who does not Smoke works very hard has no addition can still succumb to Lung cancers if the environment he lives in constantly exposes him to Dangerous cancer-causing Substance “ Asbestos”

Do Companies Still Use Asbestos in Their Products and Budling Materials?

Sadly, yes, several houses are still being burnt with this cancer-causing Material. Johnson & Johnson Company was last year in 2021 accused of not disclosing to the general public that one of its products a baby powder contained “Asbestos”

Hundreds of People filed lawsuits against the company and it has now been ordered to pay over $500,000,000. Lawyers who help in such cases are called Mesothelioma lawyers.

Why You Might Need to Know Whether Your House is Made Up with Asbestos as A building Material?

Living inner the Asbestos Mineral and inhering its Fibres over a long period, will do nothing good to your health in fact, your health would start to deteriorate.

Asbestos causes a type of cancer called Mesothelioma. Unfortunately for us, Asbestos is still being used as a building material for homes all over the world despite it being a banded material. Hence to keep yourself safe and Lung cancer-free you have to know if the environment You are living in is Asbestos fibre free.

What to Do If you get exposed to the Substance and It is because of A company?

Being exposed to this substance will always present danger cause it’s a health risk. No one in any circumstance should ever get themselves exposed to this dangerous cancer-causing substance.

The main response you can do once you get exposed to this substance may be at a workplace is to find yourself a Mesothelioma lawyer and sue the firm that is putting you at a risk.


It is important to try your best and stay safe far away, from houses that are Made with a building substance like Asbestos a Mesothelioma cancer Causing substance.