What Are The Top Reasons For Growth In The Digital Printing For Textile

What Are The Top Reasons For Growth In The Digital Printing For Textile

Digital printing has been introduced for many years, but the industry of printing is undergoing various significant changes. The biggest advantage of using the digital printing technique is that durable ink is used.

Along with this, there are various other reasons for using digital printing such as high reliability, long lifespan, saving money, and increasing efficiency. But, to implement these services, it is imperative to invest in the latest technology devices. Some of the biggest reasons for the growth in digital printing for textile are as follow:

1. Printing On Different Type Of Material

Before the introduction of the digital printing technique, the designs can be printed only on the polyesters, blend, and smoothly pre-coated material. Dye-sublimation printing is one of the most commonly used digital printing techniques nowadays.

The dye-sublimation printing technique is not just for polyesters. You can print the amazing design on natural fibers like wool, rayon, linen, silk, and various other types of fabric by using the digital printing method.

Textured fabric and canvas are also gaining huge popularity due to dye -sublimation printing method. You can print attractive t shirt graphic design and customize your t-shirt by using the digital printing technique.

2. Durable Print

In the digital printing method, a unique technique is used for forming the print over the fabric. The design will not be printed over the fabric, but the ink will penetrate the substrate to look like part of it. It means that you do not need to worry about the chipping, cracking, and fading of the design.

If you are creating the design over the fabric, then it means that you do not need to worry about the fading of design, even after several washes. If you have created the design over the non-apparel substrate, then you do not need to worry that cleaners will erode the image.

3. High Versatility

The digital printing process is continually evolving and now it is possible to use this technique for printing designs on different types of materials. You can create amazing designs on the flip-flop, socks, uniforms, large outdoor signage, and many more.

The potential of dye-sublimation printing is unlimited and you can use this method for creating various attractive designs on various types of substrates. Some of the items on which you can create the designs are listed below:

4. Rigid Substrates

Things that are not bendable fall in this group such as non-fabric items, plastic, ceramics, aluminum, fiberglass, and many more.

  • Signage
  • The dye-sublimation printing is used for creating alluring designs on the vinyl banners, exhibition displays, and table cloths. If you have seen the banners hanging in front of the retail store, then there is a huge probability that these signages are designed by using the dye-sublimation printing technique.
  • Polyester Fabrics

When it comes to dye-sublimation printing, then polyester is the most common fabric used for printing designs. Polyester fabrics can be divided into two different parts: Knit and woven. Knit type of polyester products is those that hand and flow in the natural ambiance such as flags, custom printed table cover, banners, etc. Woven types of polyester fabrics are durable such as custom tents, fabric backdrops.

  • Home Decor

You can do dye-sublimation printing on the home décor items like ceramic floor tiles, flower vases and many more

  • Photograph Printing

It is one of the best ways to produce the best quality of images on apparel, magnets, and canvas.

4. Low Minimums

Once you have created the digital image, then you can use this design for an enormous time to create the alluring print. You can use a similar design for high production quantities or for one-time use.

5. Simple To Print

Due to the increase in popularity of the dye-sublimation printing technique, the production tools, equipment, and materials have also improved significantly.

By purchasing this equipment and tools, you can easily create various types of print for enormous times. One-time set-up can be used for creating various prints and designs without any problem. Therefore, most reputable apparel brands prefer digital t-shirt printing techniques.

6. Wide Range Of Color And Top Quality

The biggest advantage of the dye-sublimation printing method is that you can print any color and any design with high resolution. By using the ink-jet printer, the image can be transferred over the substrate. By using this printing machine, you can easily print any color in the whole color spectrum, except the white color.

By using the dye-sublimation printing technique, you can print the complex gradients, images, photos, and a combination of all. The problem of white can be resolved by using the white surface. To get the white color, leave the surface without printing and it will look like the white color is printed.