Do you know Facebook Chicken Squad profiles?

On Facebook there are viral profiles with over 106k shares but there is something funny on them they all have Chicken farmers. Read this story of facebooks chicken squad.

Do you know Facebook Chicken Squad profiles?
Facebook chicken squad

Do you know Facebook Chicken Squad profiles?

If you don't know Facebook Chicken Squad profiles you are in lucky this post is all about them and the reasons why people find them dead funny.

iWhat are Facebook Chicken Squad profiles?

These are a group of related accounts that have a pouty famer on the profile picture or DP. The unique thing about these profile picture is that this farmer is seen taking pride of his hassle by holding or carrying a chicken in his hands. And what's funny about this is that all his friends list are made up of different famers who practice the same trade. This is notable quickly once you view just one famer and this gets you to see every chicken quad Member.

Why is Facebook Chicken Squad profiles unique and funny

These pictures have tones of viewers, tones of shares for instance

This profile has been shared over 45,000 times and it is of a man named Khan. People share this picture for humor purposes. Khan is seen holding a chicken and quickly when you view this his profile picture you find out that everything and all his friends are also chicken farmers who happened to have the same picture poses on their Facebook profile picture.

Why do we have chicken squad members on Facebook?

As marvel has fictional suicide Squad, Facebook has real live Chicken Squads. We believe they exist because chicken farmers could like to show solidarity and possibly increase sales as there visibility is also increased through the constant media shares and engagement.