Donald Trump is back and this Time on Google Ads

Trump is back and this time, he's back on Google Adsense ads. Trump who has over 75,000,000 million votes was banned on Social media due to the controversial posts he made but it seems he is making a comeback as Google has started showing his adverts. These ads are the political ads that Facebook and other media platforms are hesitant to show yet now they can be seen on websites running which are monetized by Google Adsense

Donald Trump is back and this Time on Google Ads
Donald Trump is back and this Time on Google Ads

Former President Donald Trump ads are now appearing and are being displayed by Google AdSense.

Trump who was banned from almost all the popular social media websites and multiple companies for the accusations he received during the Washishintone DC riots might as well be making a strong comeback as Google AdSense has no beef against him.

Trump was banned on popular social media sites

Donald Trump Many Months ago, found himself in a horrible predicament as Tweeter banned his account permanently which had over 40,000,000 followers. In addition, Facebook as well banned Trump for at least 2 years and also change its algorithm to reduce recommending people to political groups. Trump was also suspended on popular sites like Reddit, Youtube and Instagram.

The statement Youtube Issued for Trumps Ban

Youtube which has Google as its parent company issued a statement for Trump's suspension it said “ Trump is suspended but it will reapprove him when the threat of another riot dies out” Facebook though gave a  straight 2-year ban after the Facebook council revealed Trump posts in connection with the Washington DC riots.

Political Ads and Facebook

Having to see a political ad about Trump nowadays is rare since most social media sites and Ad publishers are hesitant to allow them. Social Media websites fear the effects these political ads might have on their users, so much so that a lot of fact-checking is involved. Facebook took a bond approach in reducing the number of political ads which it shows to its users yet Google AdSense seems not to care and might just be in favour of Donald Trump.

Donald Trump and Google Adsense Ads

On our sites we were surprised to see trump rally ads, It shows google is not against Trump and they understand all too well that he has 75,000,000 votes backing that opinion up. As of today, Trump ads are running on Google Adsense campaigns, mostly about llays which those who might be interested might sign up and attend.