Donate for doctors and make your charity reach a million people

You can donate laptops for Medical Students that may be old or new, these students will be grateful for your contribution and so will all their future patients and their families.

Donate for doctors and make your charity reach a million people
Donate laptops for Medical Students

A doctor working in Lokmanya Tilak Municipal Medical College and General Hospital, Maharashtra, India on Quora said that they see around 5200 patients per day, which translates to around 19 lakh patients per year! This is more or less the situation in every government hospital across India. As per studies, there is one doctor for every 1445 Indians as per the current population of the country at 135 crores. This is far lower compared to what is prescribed by WHO, that is one doctor per 1000 people. These alarming numbers are a cry for help and justification as to why we must donate for doctors. Once they graduate from medical college, majority of the doctors either set up their own practice or work in government or private sector hospitals. Very few can afford to leave the country and set up a practice abroad.

When you donate for doctors, you donate to a million of people who cannot afford medical attention. You donate to save millions of lives and to make the burden of work easier for doctors.  Through the course of this pandemic, many doctors have spoken about the physical and mental stress of treating patients. Their helplessness at losing a patient and witnessing the trauma of their patient’s family. Many doctors have been secluded from their families for over a year as they worked closely with the infected people. Many lost their lives on their battlefield, trounced by the same virus from which they were trying to cure their patients.

Donate for doctors, donate for humanity

One may put off going to the doctor for the longest time, but they are the last resort when one is in unbearable pain or suffering terminally. Doctors take the blames and praise in their stride and continue working with their patients to ensure that they can provide them the best service. They create their own associations and support groups to boost morale, support young doctors entering the field, aid patients who cannot afford medical fees and more importantly to build a network of doctors so that they can work to strengthen their field. After all, every day is a different kind of battlefield for the doctor. One who fights to save his patient’s life in operation theatres through complex surgeries, one who oversees giving painful news to families, one who is researching better practices and cures without being bogged down by failures or deviance.

Humanity needs doctors to ensure that they live a healthy life and can contribute to the society and fulfil their dreams and aspirations.

Donate for medical students

The alarming scarcity of doctors in the country means that medical students cannot afford to lose even one year of their education. Donate laptops for Medical Students if you want to donate in kind and not cash. Instead of giving that laptop for recycling or throwing it in trash or exchanging it for a few dollars, donate it to a medical student and they will use it for the duration of their medical education and get greater value out of the laptop. You can donate laptops for Medical Students that may be old or new, these students will be grateful for your contribution and so will all their future patients and their families. Someone from your family or a close friend may be the patient of one of the fine doctors whose education your supported through your kind donations.

Cooperate with doctors

It is doctors who bring life into this world when they deliver a child and ensure that the mother is given the right care. It is the doctors who detect any terminal illness we have and give us assurance of the best treatment as they work closely with us and treat us. It is the doctors who inform families if it is time to say final goodbyes and make the best of the few remaining days left with a loved one. Finally, it is the doctors who take the tough decision of the right course of treatment and suffer through the anxiety of what if the treatment does not work.

These agents of God and guardians of life need all our support. So, donate for doctors.