Elon musk unintentionally attacks Trump and Joe Biden

This is another Elon Musk manipulation strategy and it's attacking the essence of American politics. Elon Musk shares his opinion about America having an age limit on presidency

Elon musk unintentionally attacks Trump and Joe Biden
Elon Musk The manipulator

Elon musk unintentionally attacks Trump and Joe Biden

Elon musk is quite very out spoken when it comes to writting on the internet. This 54 year old is found of posting controversial things.

Some of Elon Musk Tweets have landed him in hot water. For instance, when he said Telsa was going public and this cased panic among it's investors.

In a recent tweet Billionaire Manipulator Elon Musk, tried to talk about Politics. As you would expect this didn't get the desired results as Elon Musk was qoute tweeting 

"Their should be an age limit for the USA presidential sit maybe 51"

How did Elon Musk attack Trump and president  Joe Biden?

President Joe Biden is aged 79 and former president Donald Trump is aged 75. All these people still desire to be running candidates of the 2024 USA sit. Elon Musk tweet clearly is against this motive.

What was the reaction of his 61 million followers?

The post as most of his posts, it had mixed reactions, Elon Musk is one controversial CEO who was once forced to step down from heading Telsa and brought back again for his Marketing Skills, this is something that paid off since Elon Musk and Telsa have incredibly grown to be valued in trillions.

Elon Musk post had mixed reactions, others agreed with him minewhile others, did not agree. Elon Musk followers where divided into 3 while two major groups disagreed with him.

The 3rd group turned Elon Musk Twitter into a joke against Russia.

How was the Elon Musk tweet Turned into A Russian Joke?

A handful of America's started saying, Elon Musk preferred age is 69 for running as president. This number is the age of president Putin and it means something entirely different in the adult film industry.


Elon Musk is still being known for his influencial brilliance but at other times controversial tweets. What's your take? Do you agree with Elon's opinion of having and Age limit  for who ever wants to be president of the united states' of America?