Fart in A jar Motto Makes $50,000 per Week In Sales Sadly She is Retiring to Focus on NFTs Farts

The woman who makes over $50,000 per week selling farts in a jar has now retired but is now selling cartoon versions of Her farts as NFTs for 0.05 ether. Which is $192

Fart in A jar Motto Makes $50,000 per Week In Sales Sadly She is Retiring to Focus on NFTs Farts

The reality TV star who was selling farts in a jar wants to stop selling them despite marking over $1,000 per Jar. Her worried fans care too much about her. She is though still going to sell her farts as non-fungible tokens famously known as NFTs.

Stephanie Matto appeared on the reality TV show called "90-Day Fancie and she gained a huge following on TIKTOK, she said she went to the hospital where they found her with Gastric complications because of her horrible eating habits that many comprised Many high fibre foods to produce more and more farts.

in her own words, she said " I thought I was having a stroke and that these were my final moments, "Matto told the UK's Jam Press and she also narrated the story of her unexpected trip to the hospital near her Home in Connecticut. "I was overdoing it"

Matto refers to herself as a farteprenuer, Started her venture of farting in a jar and selling them online in November and she used to document the food she was eating on Tiktio for her fans to buy and Enjoy. 
The common foods she loved eating were Beans, Protein Muffins and eggs. Matto was making roughly $50,000 per week through her highly profitable farting business sadly she has decided to stop.

She explained that she did not reveal to her daughters what she does in terms of farting in the jar, but she did reveal to them her diet.

She continued to say it was clear that what she was experiencing was not a stroke but rather intense gas pains caused by what she was eating.

She said sadly that she has been advised to take gas suppressant medication, and this means the end of her business.

Now, Why has she joined the NFTs business?

While Matto has semi-retired from actual farting in the jar business, she has new interests in the potential NFTS. Now she has ventured into the NFTs world where she sells cartoon images of her farts. Non-fundable tokens are mostly associated with the picture and digital artworks these days.

Matto has launched a website that is helping her sell 5,000 fart jar NFts for 0.04 ether which at the rate is worth $191. Not including Ethereum's notoriously high gas fees.