Finding The Best Pet-Friendly Accommodation: A Traveller’s Guide

A pet-friendly accommodation will try to accommodate you as much as possible, but that doesn’t mean you can’t take extra steps to prepare yourself for the trip

Finding The Best Pet-Friendly Accommodation: A Traveller’s Guide
pet friendly accommodation
Finding The Best Pet-Friendly Accommodation: A Traveller’s Guide

For some of you, pets aren’t just a cute addition to your lives, but a partner and a friend to whom you’re very attached. If you’re staying home and not using all of those saved-up vacation days because you think finding a hotel that’ll house both you and your cute dog, then here is some welcome news: with changing times, finding pet friendly accommodation has become a simple thing.

Yes, you read it right! Whether you’re talking about the blinding lights of Las Vegas or the calming wilderness of Alaska, finding the appropriate inn for you and the pet is only as far away as a Google search.

Just keep one thing in mind, don’t let him do his business on the hotel bed. 

The Best Ways to Find Pet-Friendly Accommodation

As suggested above, finding pet-friendly accommodation is as far away as a Google search it isn’t a lie. Try searching the name of your destination along with keywords like ‘pet-friendly hotels’, and you’re bound to find at least tens of articles listing the best places in town to stay with your pet. These sites also often list the best places to buy food for your pets and the notable vets in town, so it’s always worth checking them out.

A Google search isn’t all the advice for you, though. Humane societies dedicated to the wellbeing of animals exist in most urban towns and cities, and quite often, these sites will have a list of well-rated pet-friendly hotels and inns available.

What makes this particular tip especially valuable is that most of the time, these lists are compiled by people who’ve been to these hotels, giving you a genuine review of the place. Hence, such accommodations become more reliable and desired for the people travelling with their pets.

Hotel Policies To Ask About Before Booking Rooms

Let’s say you’ve found a pet friendly accommodation that looks clean, well-kept and spacious and is quite affordable too. However, you arrive at the city only to find that their pet-per-day charges are extravagantly high, or your pet doesn’t fall under the weight limit. To prevent this, discuss the hotel’s pet-specific policies before making a booking, and talk about things like:

  • Room Availability

Ninety per cent of hotels that allow pets only have a limited number of pet friendly accommodations available for booking at any time. If you’re planning your trip during peak season (and quite honestly, even if you’re not), the chances of these being sold out are high, so always call ahead and make sure you can get a room when you arrive there.

  • Surcharges and Extra Fees

Depending on the hotel, you’ll be charged a small-to-medium fee for every day your pet is staying with you. It’s generally worth it to ask about a hotel or inn’s particular pet-per-day fees because these fees can get quite staggering for mid to higher-end hotels.

  • Weight Limits For Your Pets

Most hotels will also have a weight limit for the pets they allow. Therefore, you might come across with some prominent hotels and famous inns that only allow pets weighing 40 pounds or less, which can be problematic for people with big, cuddly dogs.

  • Owner Supervision

You won’t always be allowed to leave your pet in the room while you go out since there’s a chance of the hotel incurring property damage. Even if your pet doesn’t damage anything, the hotel will charge you a fine for violating their policies, so always ask about the required supervision.

Conclusion: How to Handle Travelling With Your Dog

A pet friendly accommodation will try to accommodate you as much as possible, but that doesn’t mean you can’t take extra steps to prepare yourself for the trip. Don’t forget to pack things for your pet, including medication, bedding they like, food bowls, and even treats.

After arriving, talk to the concierge and other employees to know the best times for dog-walking, possibly available dog-sitting services, and other things that affect your pet.