How Can I Save My Expenditure by Outsourcing Embroidery Digitizing Services?

BitsnPixs is one of the best embroidery digitizing services in the USA. We have the best and diverse highly qualified team members who are dedicated and highly trained in handling huge orders and pack a lot of experience with them. We digitize your logo, content, and complex art for a limited time, embroidered on shirts, bags, tops, towels, caps, or other promotional products.

How Can I Save My Expenditure by Outsourcing Embroidery Digitizing Services?

Embroidery digitizing was digitizing an ordinary image of an artwork or logo into a digital stitch file using embroidery software recognized by an embroidery machine and sewed out on the fabric. The process of embroidery digitizing is complex since there are numerous steps and precise work involved. 

How is Embroidery digitizing helpful for your business?

Embroidery digitizing service plays a vital role in the promotion and marketing of any business. For the promotion of business, company logos, Brand names, or slogans are embroidered on T-shirts, bags, caps, etc. These products may be utilized on advertisements, uniforms, gifting products for business associates, social gifting, sponsorship products, and Campaign products. Doing such activities can grow the Company’s reputation which is an indirect marketing strategy that is helpful for business growth.

Why should Embroidery Digitizing Service be outsourced?

As we have already seen, Embroidery digitizing has a beneficial over the growth of the business. No, let us see why Embroidery digitizing service must be outsourced. 


Hand Embroidery consumes much time to complete. Since the Embroidery designs are done by Embroidery machines capable of doing 1000 stitches and even more per minute, therefore, if you outsource the embroidery digitizing service, it is time saving and, thus, time can be utilized more productive in your business.


As it saves time and comparatively easy work than hand embroidery, and the competition in embroidery digitizing service bit high, many companies are ready to provide at an affordable cost. In-house Embroidery digitizing may not be cost-efficient as outsourcing the services compared to a professional digital branding company.

Growth of your Business:

Since you will be working with a top-notch quality professional embroidery digitizing service, top technical skills will be utilized to initiate business growth and scale it to different heights. 

Hi-Tech Skills:

Since the embroidery digitizing service is in the business professionally, they will have many technical knowledge and skills. Their pro skills could help in creating the best design for products which boosts the promotions and sales.


In-house Embroidery digitizing may not be feasible since a fixed salary, and other benefits for personnel are involved. Further, there may not be full-time work in Embroidery digitizing since it is in-house. So, by hiring outsourced embroidery digitizing service provider, you can save by paying only for the works done by them. Hence, saving cost is an added advantage to your Company’s turnover.

Do you wish to Outsource for Embroidery Digitizing Service?

As you have got an idea of the benefits of Outsourcing, if you wish to get Embroidery digitizing service at your doorstep, I suggest Bitsnpixs Technologies Pvt Ltd. 

They have been in the business for more than 10 years and have top professional creators who put their complete skills to create an artwork or design for Embroidery. They work as simple as you could provide the required image to be digitized in any form as a .jpg or .png file. They work on it in a very classy way and provide high-quality embroidery digitizing service in us with a short turnaround time of just 12 to 24 hours. For rush orders, they even support and deliver at the earliest in few hours. 

Bitsnpixs Technologies work online also. So, they are reachable 24*7 all around the globe. They have a large customer base, and their endless passion for their work makes them stand where they are and continue to grow. You can also contact them at or [email protected].