How Does Cloud Storage Work & Its Types?

Cloud storage, also widely known as cloud backup, is a service model based on computing that enables you to share, store, and access files from any remote location at any time you want, using a reliable internet connection.

How Does Cloud Storage Work & Its Types?

The world of Cloud Computing is growing at a speedy rate and is believed to maintain a strong upwards trajectory in 2021. It has provided businesses a secure and efficient solution to save their important documents and files in the cloud and offer them the ease to access their documents from whatever place they want.

Nowadays, a major part of the workforce operates remotely. It is when services like Cloud Storage in India play a crucial role. Cloud Storage provides seamless access to the information and offers infallible security controls. It, in turn, ensures the safe transfer of files while guaranteeing the workflow runs smoothly and does not create any hindrance to your business growth.

What is Cloud Storage?

Cloud storage, also widely known as cloud backup, is a service model based on computing that enables you to share, store, and access files from any remote location at any time you want, using a reliable internet connection.

Cloud storage providers sync all your data to their servers to your preferred devices like laptops, smartphones, etc. You just need to create one hot folder in the choice of your device, and all the data you will be saving in the folder will get backed up offsite in the cloud. So whenever you add any fresh content to these folders, it will automatically get synced in the cloud.

These providers also offer services like hosting as well as managing and securing the servers and the infrastructure associated with them. Moreover, Cloud storage is a scalable and cost-effective data storage solution for businesses of all sizes. The services are majorly beneficial for small-sized businesses that need powerful yet up-to-date data storage capabilities to help them stay ahead of the competition. Also, there are enormous benefits of using cloud storage in India. If you have not considered using one yet, you must do it now.

Different Types of Cloud Storage

1.) Public Cloud Storage- Some of the bigger names in the world of Public Cloud Storage are Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, Amazon Web Services, etc. These providers are the one who handle or manage the cloud architecture which includes all the software, hardware and infrastructures and offer it as a cloud service across the internet. Since multiple customers share public cloud storage, it has been given the name Public Cloud Storage. The customers can use any device they want to access their data. As the resources will be shared among multiple customers, you can avail of the services at lower prices.

Using Public Cloud Storage offers several benefits that include:

  • Cost-effectiveness
  • High reliability
  • Perfect monitoring
  • Better Scalability
  • Easier Maintenance

2.) Private Cloud Storage- Unlike public cloud storage, private cloud storage, as the name suggests, can be used by one organization. It is ideal to use by large enterprises that require additional security to handle their data. Organizations like financial institutions, healthcare organizations, and government agencies usually prefer private cloud storage. Infrastructure can either be housed on-premises or leased from a third-party vendor. Regardless, the services and hardware are dedicated.

Some benefits of using Private Cloud Storage include:

  • High Scalability
  • Better efficiency and control
  • High-level security
  • Better Geographic availability
  • Customizable

3.) Hybrid Cloud Storage- Hybrid Cloud is one of the most preferred forms of Cloud Storage in India that offers the benefit of both Public and Private Cloud Storage. It offers better flexibility as compared to the other forms of data storage as the data keep moving between public and private cloud as per the need. To provide customers a unique solution, hybrid cloud solutions combine both public and private clouds.

There are many benefits of using Hybrid Cloud Storage, which include:

  • Offer greater control
  • Better reliability
  • Highly customizable

Which is the right cloud solution for your business?

Are you confused between public, private, and hybrid cloud storage services? If yes, we have got your back. While choosing between the multiple cloud storage services, you just need to pick the cloud deployment model that best suits your needs. Make sure you select the services based on the current scenario of the business as it keeps on changing. For the beginning, you can consider using Hybrid Cloud storage services and gradually move to a public cloud model and finally to a private cloud model if required.

You can even consider using multiple cloud storage devices to house multiple data types based on SaaS applications. Just think about what your company needs and create the desired cloud computing roadmap to achieve your business goals.

To best leverage cloud hosting solutions for your business strategy, you must understand the requirements of your business and look for the best cloud storage in India. There are many cloud storage providers available for you to choose from. You just need to find the one that can best fulfill your business needs.