How Richard Branson Made His Dream Come True?

When Richard Branson, the owner of Virgin group saw that dream of travelling to space, it was just one of those things children do. But he didn't stop there, formed an incredible team, worked zealously for 17 years and made it happen.

How Richard Branson Made His Dream Come True?
Richard Branson

Richard Saw a Dream Long Back

 We all see big dreams, and hope for it to come true. However, very few among us are fortunate to see their big dreams turn into reality. Richard Branson, the head of Virgin group, had also had a big dream when he was a child. His dream was to travel into space. 

 And last month on July 12, when he finally achieved his dream, he was simply ecstatic. Richard Branson is one of the most popular entrepreneurs who left his studies at the age of 16, and became the owner of more than 400 companies. 

 The Childhood dream of Richard became a reality after a hand-picked team of space scientists put in hard work for seventeen years. He finally traveled to space, and also established the foundation for space tourism. It is amazing to think that now even an ordinary person can travel to space which hitherto was supposed to be the preserve of a chosen few. 

 Branson, who headed the famous Virgin Galactic company, had always thought of going to space, finally fulfilled his long cherished dream at the age of 71. He proved the fact that if you work tirelessly to achieve your dream, one day you will do that. It doesn't matter how impossible your dream may seem initially. 

 Last month, when Richard Branson stepped inside the spacecraft for his historical journey, every television, and social media channel was beaming live feeds. I too watched the event live on the Connect app. I could see Richard's face who was excited like a child. He had every reason to be happy. After all, his childhood dream was about to be fulfilled. 

 Successful Voyage of Virgin Galactic's Unity 22 spacecraft 

 Unity 22 spacecraft went into space carrying 6 passengers that also included  the Virgin Galactic boss Richard Branson. His joy of accomplishment of the dream was such that during the celebration, he was seen carrying Shirisha Bandla, his fellow traveler on his shoulder. 

 Virgin Galactic's spacecraft has created history by completing a successful space flight on July 11 this year. Because of this historical space journey, private space tourism has now become a possibility. Now anyone can travel to space like a tourist. This is unbelievable that no one would have imagined. 

 On Sunday July 11, Richard Branson, the owner of the Virgin Galactic Company, along with his fellow travelers, went into space. There were five other co-travelers besides Shirisha Bandla, the India born aeronautical engineer who participated in the Virgin Galactic VSS Unity spacecraft mission. The spacecraft took off from a place in New Mexico.

 Virgin Galactic's Flight is the Beginning of Space Tourism

 When the spacecraft was about to take off, Richard Branson told the waiting newsmen how he always used to dream of traveling to space.  And it was 17 years ago, he decided that he would definitely become a space traveler, which he eventually accomplished with his own spacecraft and by doing this he also created the possibility of future space trips for common people.

 What is 'sub-orbital' flight? 

 In simple language, a sub-orbital flight is one where astronauts reach space but decide not to enter orbit. By participating in such flights, astronauts touch the limits of space and experience things like weightlessness for a few minutes.  The idea is to get the feel of space. Richard Branson wasn't the only one who was traveling to space. After Virgin Galactic's flight, Amazon's owner, Jeff Bezos also flew in Blue Origin's New Shepard vehicle His destination was also to reach 'sub-orbital'.

 Hard Work of Two Decades Finally Paid off

 Richard Branson founded Virgin Galactic Company 17 years ago in 2004. VSS Unity spaceship, by using a powerful rocket eventually reached the desired height. The aircraft after reaching a height of 9.3 miles left the spaceship in the air after travelling more than fifty thousand feet. 

 Once it reached there, VSS Unity spaceship, the size of a private jet, started its rocket engine and flew towards space at an altitude of 80 km. It took three times to reach that point with a speed equal to that of sound.  What happened next became history. 

 People watching this event on their television sets were mesmerized. The astronauts were busy capturing beautiful views of space.  After spending a couple of minutes, the VSS Unity spaceship started its journey back to the Earth.

 Indian-origin aeronautical engineer also went into space

 One Indian also travelled into space in Virgin Galactic. Before this historical trip, no one knew about Shirisha Bandla, the unknown Indian origin Aeronautical engineer who recorded her name in the history book. Shirisha was the third ever woman of Indian descent to go into space, who flew along with Richard Branson on his maiden space trip.  

 Before Shirisha, there were two other women of Indian origin - Kalpana Chawla and Sunita Williams who traveled to space.  However, Wing Commander Rakesh Sharma is the only astronaut who traveled to space as an Indian citizen.  Sharma, a former Air Force pilot, went to space on April 3, 1984, on Soyuz T-11 under the Soviet Intercosmos program.

 Shirisha Bandla was born in Guntur district of Andhra Pradesh, but later on settled in Houston.  Bandla moved to the US when she was four years old and graduated in science from Purdue University's School of Aeronautics in 2011.  She also got her MBA degree from George Washington University in the year 2015.

 When will Virgin Company start space tourism?

 According to a statement issued by the company, it will start sending tourists to space from next year itself.  But before that happens, Virgin Galactic will do three more test flights.  These tests will likely be completed in 2021 itself.  In fact, the company has already sold 600 tickets for space travel.  

 These future space travelers have been selected from 60 different countries.  They have already deposited $200,000 to $250,000 for this journey. The company is planning to send 400 such flights every year in the future.