This article shows you how you can effectively advertise your books online and make sales


With the invention and advancement of the internet, it becomes so easier to promote books worldwide and to large consumers. There are many ways of promoting books on the internet to catch more customers, eventually increasing sales. This article explains how the following attempts can be used to advertise your books, their efficiency, and their effectiveness. Note that all the methods are effective to be applied at the same time for more effectiveness.

1.       Advertise your books on promotion sites

There are many promotion sites on which you can post your books for promotion. These sites have more access to traffic such that once books are posted it takes no time before they reach the intended audience or consumers. Websites Bookangel, Ebookaroo, Book Goodies, Goodreads, Indies Unlimited, Indie Book Lounge, and Book Bongo are some of the sites that offer free posting and promotion services for your books. Other sites demand a service fee and their promotion is a bit more advanced than free sites.  Snicks List, My Book Place, and Book Goodies Kid offer their book promotion services on charge.


2.       Write or make regular articles/posts

Make sure that you write articles or make posts regularly across all media platforms to make sure that you attract a potential audience that contributes to a wide range of book promotions. Remember to add links to your website or blog and the hatch tags of books in your posts or articles so that those who are your subscribers or who are not still visiting your sites and come across your books.


3.       Using social media

Nowadays it is so much easier to promote our products online. The invention of numerous social media platforms has made advertisement simple and fast. You can advertise your books on Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Twitter, LinkedIn, TikTok, and other several media platforms.  In these platforms, you can post any information, comments, and ideas that are related to your book. You can create and use the hatch tags of your book to let the audiences who are not your followers or subscribers access your book once they click them. You can as well create a Facebook author page to let in more followers and increase the outreach of your ads and at the same time build up your reputation as the author.  LinkedIn is primary and the best platform for promoting your books. As the author, unless have not yet created a LinkedIn account, you must create it. Later you need to join some LinkedIn groups to make sure you are almost everywhere for a wider range of your book adverts and access. LinkedIn groups are outstanding because they provide a live space where users interact by commenting, asking, and answering questions in the end.

4.       Setting up a YouTube Channel

Sometimes it is important to make contact with the followers or subscribers and customers lively. One of the sites on which an individual can make live videos for the audiences to watch or live stream is YouTube. This may at least be done once a month or in accordance with the author. In the videos, the author describes or reviews some of the books. They may also update or alert their followers on advanced books.  


5.       Create your site

Amazon provides space for authors to create their pages for promoting their books. Once the page is created, it is up to the author to post his or her books, reviews, articles, and even the prices of the books. With the page, you are also able to give advance copies. You can also open a short URL account where you may post your books and adverts. Using the Amazon Widget, open a short URL account, and open a Pinterest account.


6.       Check your metadata books (SEO for books)

Unlike printed books, online books should be formatted according to Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for easy accessibility. Make sure that words used in the book titles, articles, or reviews are commonly recognized by SEO. Using words that are commonly used by internet users when searching helps the publications to rank high on the SEO. Sometimes it is necessary to write long titles (with many words) to increase the chances of being accessed. In this case, SEO includes book descriptions, keywords, and categories of your book on any other internet sites including Amazon,

7.       Designing your books with attractive covers

This technique may sound petty but the fact is that no one wants to see or buy an ugly or poor product. Everyone prefers high-quality commodities. This same idea applies to books. What attracts the eye eventually attracts the mind. Therefore, make sure that your books have an attractive cover page, especially books for children.


8.       Make contact with bloggers

Visit high-ranking book promotion websites and leaves some comments on the sites. This is effective because anyone who dares click on your comment links is automatically driven to your site or blog. It is one of the free advert techniques that help to promote sales. Perhaps you may also be interested to write articles for some bloggers just to be exposed to more traffic who in return promote your business after appreciating what you have done for them. In addition, interviews also help to promote an author and his works. The interviewer can be a blogger or influencer. This is why it is essential to get closer to blog or website owners just in case they might be interested to interview you the author who in the end the author may gain popularity.


9.       Place adverts on your blog

This is also very important as far as promoting the blog and its content is concerned. Make sure you include ads for your books on your blogs so that any traffic should have access to your books.

Final opinion

In addition to what has been pre-discussed, make sure you try all the possible ways to grow your business. Do fall back if things are not turning out the way you want. It is better you apply for several choices of ads to get to a wide audience.