How to buy Bitcoin in Malawi and avoid being Scammed

Investing Bitcoin in Malawi can be hard since there are not enough places where you can by Bitcoin. Services like Coinbase don't have branches here yet when you want to buy Bitcoin in Malawi you can try buying though Khobo Bitcoin application that links you up with Airtel money and national bank. Read this article to learn how you can buy Bitcoin while you live in Malawi and how to Avoid getting scammed.

How to buy Bitcoin in Malawi and avoid being Scammed
Investing in Bitcoin in Malawi

Bitcoin is a hot Asset nowadays, and a lot of people want in on it. Yet investing in cryptocurrency in places like Malawi is not easy. It's hard, you can be unfortunate and get scammed by people so you need to Be careful as not to lose your money to fraudsters, scammers who are heartless enough to take the little you have.

What is a Bitcoin scam and why are they becoming popular

Bitcoin scams are in no doubt becoming popular throughout the Nation of Malawi and the world as the familiarity of Cryptocurrencies is growing more and more.  

Bitcoin is money, yes money made on the interest and for the internet. And like with any money other bad people out there would like to Freud others and steal their valuable Bitcoin Asserts.

A scammer is a person who cheats another person in offering him money or an asset and then doesn't give it back or worse give you less than you require.

These people are common thieves and with the cryptocurrency boom, everyone should be on the lookout for these kinds of people.

Therefore it is necessary to learn the ropes when it comes to investing in cryptocurrency when you are in Malawi.

Why is investing in cryptocurrency in Malawi hard?

In Malawi investing almost in anything is hard, since there is little knowledge on how things are down and to make it worse there are not enough means as to how you can invest.

In Malawi platforms like Coinbase do not work and most online platforms are unavailable in the region of Malawi. This hinders people from making investments in Bitcoin.

Making Bitcoin invests in Malawi is also very hard since there is a lot of misinformation and miss presentation in the field. People share false information and this leads to bad decisions in terms of investors and those who are willing to invest for Instance, a lot of people say Bitcoin is a lie and others have hardly any idea what Bitcoin is. This is quite bad when it comes to investing people fear losing money so they don't invest at all.

And those who risk investing end up losing since they hardly have the guts to hold the Bitcoins they have in their accounts. Hearing rumors like it will take them nowhere makes them use it all up at once.

The lack of knowledge and confidence is keeping a lot of Malawians in the shadow when it comes to investing in Crypto

Lacking knowledge on how crypto investments work is a paramount reason why people are not investing in Crypto almost have the population does not know what Cryptocurrency is and this becomes a challenge when it comes for them to invest in it.

You need to know what crypto is for you to be able to invest in it. Malawians hardly know what Bitcoin is. Bitcoin is a digital currency developed by  Some unknown person called Satoshi. In 2009 it had little to no value but as its adoption grew so did its value and now 1 BTC is worth 37,000,000 kwacha in Malawian currency.

Where can people buy Bitcoin in Malawi?

There are not many places where Malawians can confidently buy Bitcoin as the banks themselves are skeptical of the Bitcoin currency in Malawi.

So we confidently rule out the potential of Malawians buying Bitcoin from Malawian banks.  We also rule out the reality that Malawians can afford and buy Bitcoin through Airtel money without any middle man.

So then where can Malawians safely and confidently buy Bitcoin in Malawi?.

Well, this question is simple to answer luckily Malawians can join in on the cryptocurrency crazy by downloading the Kobo android application and use it to link with their banks and also Airtel money to buy Bitcoin.

They can also use the Bitcoin Malawi Facebook page and be in contact with the owners of the page to buy Bitcoin. The owners of the Bitcoin Malawi Facebook Page are the creators and founders of the Khobo Application, and also the Bitcoin Malawi investing firm. Which earlier this year an American investor bought shares from their company and Zodiac Malawi and other multiple Malawian media industries  Publicized on their Facebook pages and Websites.

The company is also Legitamate they featured in Malawi national business news.  

My experience trading with Malawi Bitcoin Company

A friend of mine named Blessings, referred me to their page and suggested that they are legitimate and I can safely exchange with them, I was by far very critical investing with them since I  was coming out from a $2,500 Bitcoin scam.

I messaged the page, heart Broken wanting to exchange everything I had. They asked me to send them my BTC they will send me money, I didn't, I wanted personal communication often don't send money to strangers people you don't know might not be your friends rather enemies you are yet to find out.

So we talked a little and he understood my situation, he later messaged me via WhatsApp and showed me his business details that When I made friends with Kazembe one of the founders and a close friend to the CEO of Bitcoin USA Malawi.

We exchanged our Bitcoin Assets he gave me the money as I gave him my Bitcoin Assets

Payments were done through Airtel money

Bitcoin Malawi is all about trading Bitcoin buying and selling. They buy at the moment Coins like BTC and ETH. They allow Airtel money and National Bank translations they are legit and they do deliver. Translations start at $25 or approx. K25,000. You can trust me if you want to buy and trade in Bitcoin learning from them and doing business with them is the best.

Things to avoid when trading in Bitcoin in Malawi

Avoid Getting Scammed on Facebook

Facebook is devious when it comes to people losing money, make sure you avoid sending it to people you don't know. If anyone tells you they will double their money walk away it's too good to be true cause it's honestly not true

Avoid  hiring the so-called traders

Trust yourself with money learn the ropes and you shall succeed in this life, Malawi is already a hard Nation to live in. Don't make life hard on yourself by trusting people you shouldn't trust in the first place.

 Avoid investing in doublers

There is no such thing as a cryptocurrency doubler please people must know this and work away. There is no one in this world who will double what you have. Malawians should learn this truth and be smart enough to avoid heartbreaks that come when people invest in doublers and realize after 20 minutes their Bitcoin is Gone.

Lastly, Avoid investing in what you can't afford to lose

Never invest in what you can't afford to lose, numerous people across the world have ruined themselves after losing millions from Bitcoin when they put it all in fraud. Getting scammed is real and it can get you on zero while you had plans to do something else in life.


Investing in Bitcoin in Malawi is hard but it doesn't really have to be, just avoid getting scammed and learn how Bitcoin works before you decide to Jump in. Bitcoin can be both a blessing and a course it all depends on you and how you choose to handle it. To safely incest in Bitcoin while you are in Malawi visit the Bitcoin Malawi Facebook page, Download the Khobo Application, use national back and Airtel money to buy in Bitcoin. Prices start at $25  or k24,000 and above.