How To Create A Gmail Account While Living In Any Country In The World

this article explains the importance of having a Gmail account and also shows you how you can create one anywhere else in the world

How To Create A Gmail Account While Living In Any Country In The World
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Do you want to create a Gmail account? And you do not know when and how to start? Well just read this article and you are going to learn everything you need to know, on how to create a Gmail account using your mobile phone or computer.

What is A Gmail Account?

Gmail is a web-based email system that is owned by Google. Gmail provides people with up to 50 GB of free email space. Gmail also manages to organise successive messages in an organisational thread (text conversation or message thread).

What Is The Difference Between Gmail And E-Mail?

The difference is that Gmail is Google-owned, and it’s initially free of charge with free space of upwards of 15 GBs. It allows users across the world to send electronic mail to each other in real-time.  Meanwhile, Email is a general term that is used to describe

The Importance of Having A Gmail Account?

Before I start lecturing you on how you can create your Gmail account, I want to take this opportunity to remind you of the importance of owning one.

1.  You Connect yourself to the world

We live in the internet age, in our globalised world. Online, mediated communication is possible to stay in touch with friends and family. In this case, the use of Gmail is therefore important and neccesially

2.  Gmail makes signup to other online services super easy

If you have ever been busy online, you might have noticed that almost 99% of the websites online, have signed up with Gmail as their sign-up option this is crucial because it saves people tons of time when they want to register online.

3.  Gmail account is a link to All Google services

Gmail accounts are amazing because, owning one makes it possible for you to have access to all google services, for example, Google play, YouTube, blogger Google AdSense, and many other google products.

How To Create A Gmail Account?


To first create a Gmail account, you need the following tools: a mobile phone or computer that has access to the internet.

Firstly, open your phone browser. Or you can download the most updated website browser here:

Best for Phone


UC Browser

Best for PC



Microsoft edge

Brave browser


All these browsers shall help you gain access to the Gmail website once you Google search “Create Gmail Account”

Google Search “Create Gmail Account

You will be given a link which you shall be required to click and from there you will be told to sign up, and fill in the required information as directed.

The trickiest part is selecting your Gmail address. This is also known as your Email address.


Please make sure that you are adding a (full stop in the middle of your name or address name) for example. [email protected].

Also, keep in mind that Google accepts numbers that are not yet registered on Gmail so make sure you have the new number you need to know  your country’s international caller ID for example Malawi’s International number is +265


 Having a Gmail account will be beneficial in your life and some of the benefits are it shall help you get connected with people. In addition, it makes signup on many online websites very easy. The requirements of creating a Gmail account are

Having a strong internet connection, having a nice phone and laptop, having a number that is not registered on Gmail and then following the process of Gmail account creation once you visit their official Gmail creation account page.