How to Improve the Self-Esteem of Your Child?

If your child is not doing well, you should tell him/her that he/she can do better next time rather than just praising them.

How to Improve the Self-Esteem of Your Child?
How to Improve the Self-Esteem of Your Child?

Parents are the ones who spend most of the time with the kids. They can tell when their children are happy and when they are sad. The best pediatrician in Lahore reveals that the number of kids who are the victims of low self-esteem is increasing every year.

Some signs can help you to detect if your child is a victim of low self-esteem.

  • Such kids are hard on themselves.
  • They count their failure rather than achievements
  • They do not have confidence
  • They cannot take any decision
  • They stay doubtful when doing any task
  • They compare themselves with others and notice weaknesses.

Kids with self-esteem are always confident and do not feel low while doing activities.

Paediatricians share that self-esteem matters a lot for kids. Most of the parents ignore this fact that can also affect their future. What you think today will affect your tomorrow. Parents need to make sure of how their kids feel about themselves.

What Does Research Say About Self-Esteem In Kids?

Kids with low self-esteem do not enjoy their activities and fear failure more than their success rate. According to experts, kids need the confidence to step into the next phase of life. It matters how your child thinks today because it will affect them tomorrow.

Confidence level helps to do new things in life which is crucial for kids learning skills. They easily cope with mistakes and try to not repeat them. Having faith to succeed in life minimizes the risk of failure. Researchers say that fear is one of the main causing factors that put you at risk of failure.

Thinking about failure does not motivate your children but makes them go in the wrong direction. Such kids give up easily and do not stand back when they fall at some point.

What Is The Recommended Way To Develop Self-Esteem?

Being a parent, you do not need to wait to develop self-esteem in your children. It starts from the very first day and helps your child to grow in a secure environment. 

According to paediatricians, when a child grows being loved and cared for by parents, it develops one part of self-esteem.

Parents should allow the children to make a decision and help them to go with the better option. In this way, they learn new things and develop a new skill set.

The second step is to encourage your children when they make progress. Join them in what they love to do. Ask about their favorite activities and encourage them to do them.

Let them feel accepted, understood, and loved. When they behave well, praise them so they intend to do better things in life.

When they put effort, no matter if they fail, encourage them.

Make sure that you prove yourself a role model in front of your kids. 

Parents need to show their kids the right things with their actions but not only with talk.

Some parents go with harsh comments. If you say your child is lazy, it may discourage him/her. You need to tell your children that they can do better on the next try rather than giving negative points.

Parents should show the kids that their actions matter to them. Mention the favors that these mean to you as it boosts the confidence level of your children.

Make sure that you find out their strengths rather than mentioning their weak points.

Do Not Overpraise 

If your child is not doing well, you should tell him/her that he/she can do better next time rather than just praising them. Telling them that you are proud of them is a good practice to boost their self-esteem.

Not only do big tasks need motivation but you should motivate them at little things. For example, let them choose their dress, what they should read, what friends they should make, etc.

Wrapping up

Parents are the first teachers who are responsible for their kids’ brought up phase. Babyhood is the initial stage where your child needs to learn minor things to be on the right track in the future.