How to increase Adsense Google adsense (CPC) in 2022 in 10 steps.

A 10 step guide to increase your Adsense earnings this 2022. Adsense ads are among the best paying ads for a publisher and here are the 10 steps on how you can increase your CPC in 2022

How to increase Adsense Google adsense (CPC) in 2022 in 10 steps.
How to improve adsense CPC in 2022

To have high revenue with Google adsense ad provider you need to increase your Google adsense cost per click (CPC)

In my long detailed article read here I explained everything (click here)

Why you need to increase Adsense cost per click'


Increasing cost per click will mean you will make more money than you normally could.  Cost per click is the money you will make per ad click and every ad publisher wants this figure to be high.

Adsense pays you based on the value of this figure. For instance if you are blogging about Music and your cost per click is $0.30 and you get 4 clicks that means ($0.30x4) and you make $1.2 per 4 Adsense ads clicks.

When you increase your Google CPC to $4 per click you will be making $16 every 4 clicks which is quite ideal for your business survival but increasing Google adsense CPC isn't always easy for Website owners and bloggers.

So, how then to increase your website CPC and revenue on Google adsense ad publisher.

Increasing Adsense cost per click value

1.  Change the website topic
2.  Target high paying keywords
3.  Target countries with the highest buying potential
4.  Target the right traffic
5.  Get traffic from Google and not social media
6.  Add images and give the people exactly what they want to stay in favor with Google adsense
7. Don't self click on your own ads
8.  Avoid copying content by  creating your own  unique content
9.   Do white hat SEO to improve your search rankings
10.  Write long detailed posts

So there are 10 practices which you can follow to improve your Adsense earnings by improving Google adsense CPC. I will explain how each one can drastically impact your Earnings and improve CPC.

1. Change the website topic

Website topic is valuable, those who are in the entertainment niche do not make money like those who are into business centered niches for instance, Insurance and technology are more valued than talking about celebrities so, always be where the money is.

For instance talking about money and Bitcoin, can show high paying Adsense ads since Most Bitcoin keywords and Money keywords are give high paying rewards.

So if you have a low CPC, try to change your website topic and you will have the best results after sometime as your Adsense CPC shall increase.

2.  Target high paying keywords

Keywords are very important and you need to do research before you create a blog article. Always try to find out what others are doing and what is ranking.

Use these tools to do keyword research

            2. Uber
           3. Google search concole
          4. Semrush keyword research tool
         5.Href keyword explorer
         6. Alexa siteinfo

Do your keyword reach and check the keywords with high CPC and simply target them, as you try your best to rank on Google adsense.

There are different types of keywords long tail keywords and short tail keywords. Long tail keywords are keywords that have 3 or more words in them, you can easily rank for long tail keywords while short tail keywords are made up of 2 of 1 keyword.

Your CPC shall increase based on the keywords you target in your content.

3.  Target the countries with the highest paying potential

This means you need to focus on counties Full of people who are most likely going to buy when they see Google adsense adverts.

The list below shows counties that are valued by Google

Rab Emirates
South Africa

If you get clicks from someone who lives in the united states' of America you are most likely going to earn a Dollar or more from their clicks. CPC in America ranges from $1 to $17. CPC can also hit $500 per click. Depending on which keyword the ad was based for.

South African traffic is the highest valued traffic in Adsense as it gives the highest return since people from South Africa do also have some online buying potential. And targeting SA traffic shall in no doubt improve your Adsense earnings.

4.  Targeting the Right traffic

Targeting the Right traffic will do Wonders for your CPC and you will be happy to also CPC the cost per click increase. If you are blogging about insurance, you need to learn and use terminologies that fit this category.

Target the right traffic by ranking higher on Google search results
You can do this by right well detailed articles that will help you appear on a Google first page.

In addition, you can also  can also try to gain some meaningful backlinks to your website by guest posting.

The higher your rank in Google search results the most likely you are going to appear in Google search results and the more likely you are going to get ads clicks in addition your CPC shall drastically increase.

5.  Get traffic from Google and not Social media Websites

Social media websites like Facebook, Twitter are nice websites, they act as means to which we can drive traffic to out website but in this 2022 you should know that Google adsense doesn't value referral traffic which is traffic coming from social media post more than it values search traffic which is organic traffic that is coming from search  engine results.

The most valuable traffic for Google Adsense is organic search traffic, make.sure you target it as it leads to high revenue in Google adsense by increasing Adsense CPC this 2022. While referral traffic is somewhat disregarded by Google adsense and sometimes pernalised by putting you on Adsense ad limit ban.

6.  Add images and give people exactly what they want to stay in favor with a Google adsense

Staying in favor with Google adsense is a big deal, as you would not risk being banned and even worse getting your domain name blocked forever by them over time your blog shall pick up momentum and you will see increased returns as your Adsense earnings shall drastically improve. Time is also a factor in increasing CPC.

Adding images shall also improve your Adsense CPC,  images are considered to be an SEO Ranking Factor and adding them on your blog posts does improve your CPC In addition it also improved user experience. So you will maintain favor from both Google adsense and your website users.

7.  Don't self click on your own ads

If you want to increase your Google adsense ads CPC in 2022 don't self click your own ads. We are all aware of what happens when we click our own ads.

Google adsense blocks and pernalises those who engage in such behavior. Google shall ban your account, your CPC shall go down even adsterra Google adsense alternative disagrees with such behavior.

Be ethical and do not ruin your Google adsense account by doing self clicks.

Your CPC shall go down and even worse you risk losing your whole adsense account and your appeal might not be Heard.

8.  Avoid pregilim by creating your own unique content

When Google adsense says, Create unique content it content it needs you to be at your A game.

Creating content is a gift you can either pay a professional writter or do it yourself as long as you have the time and energy.

Content will bring traffic, traffic shall lead to increased CPC and in the end high returns.  Improved CPC is what you need to make your blogging business profitable.

Google hates copied content and you could be penalized if you aren't careful. Copied content decreases CPC since what you are doing isn't  original it is just something you have copied from someone else's hard work.

Try your best to create content use writer applications like
Or Microsoft word

To create your blog post Article.
Remember unique content shall rank well in Google as long as it's detailed and you considered using long tail keywords to target your traffic.

9Use  white hat SEO practices to rank higher in search results.

There is no beta way to improve your Google adsense CPC than to rank higher on a particular word in search results.

Getting organic traffic is by far the best thing that can happened to your website as you will start earning money while you sleep.

That is the joy of being in favor with Google adsense and if you are Ranking for high paying keywords while targeting countries with the highest paying potential you start a chance of earning even $1,000 pee day no strings attached.

So make sure you do your SEO very well because it would benefit you nicely in the long run.

10. Write long detailed helpful articles

Wow, I'm glad you have made it this far, your Adsense CPC shall increase this 2022 and you will easily make $100 per day or more.

The last thing you need to know is you have to write long detailed posts and also add in a lot of images. Images do improve CTR, long detailed posts will assure that you will have a blog post that satisfies your visitors not to mention it might also rank for a lot of keywords on Google search results.

Making  them detailed is beneficial, as when you activate Auto ads there is a lot of room for adsense ads to appear that way your Adsense impressions also increases.

The highest paying niches in Adsense are below

You might not have an clue at what to write about, but here are some root words to help you get started.

I suggest you put these root keywords in a tool like uber suggest to break them down and find their short tail version on which you can easily rank for.

Insurance $61 CPC
Gas/Electricity $58 CPC
Loans $50 CPC
Mortgage $46 CPC
Attorney $48 CPC
Lawyer $42 CPC
Donate $42 CPC
Conference Call $42 CPC
Degree $40 CPC
Credit $38 CPC
Treatment $41 CPC
Software $39 CPC
Classes $36 CPC
Recovery $34 CPC
Trading $33 CPC
Rehab $33 CPC
Hosting $31 CPC
Transfer $29 CPC
Cord Blood $27 CPC
Claim $25 CPC


I hope this article has helped you learn a few things or two on how to increase Adsense CPC this 2022. Be back for more helpful content. I want you to make it in this life no more struggling.