How To Increase Google Adsense Earnings By Posting Insurance And Attorney Articles.

Learn how to write high CPC keywords and boost your adsense earnings up to making $100 per day

How To Increase Google Adsense Earnings By Posting Insurance And Attorney Articles.

Google adsense is a partnership program by google with bloggers. Google adsense pays once someone has Managed to reach the payment threshold of $100 dollars. This can only be possible if your website is getting decent traffic and not violating any Google Adsense Policies. 

But getting $100 dollars is hard for most people,  bloggers hardly make their first $100 dollars with Google adsense during the first month or week nor day. Earning about $100 dollars per day is a fit not most bloggers know how to get. But this article shall explain to you the best way you can increase your google ADSENSE earnings and reach $100 dollars in daily revenue.

How To Make Money With Google Adsense

Making money with Google adsense is simple, firstly have a website with well written and wonderfully researched articles to run google ads on.  Once you write articles on the websites and make about 28 publications. You can apply for the partnership with adsense afterwards. Ads can show on your website. 

Google pays about $1 dollar for every 1 thousand impressions you get on ads and they pay close to $2 to $1 on every click you get on a Google ad. To explain it in another way, you are more likely going to make $100 is on average you get about 50 clicks on your google ads.

The money is differently sent to your wallet if the traffic is genuine that is.

How To Increase Your Adsense CPC

To make more money you need to write articles that are worth the money, with adsense what you write matters, what your website is about shall define the possible money you might earn with Adsense. Therefore you need to understand that cpc and ad revenue depends on the niche you are in.

A niche means, the type of content you are focusing on Within your blog (your interests) a niche in business and more particularly insurance and attorney law. Is more rewarding than a niche in music and entertainment.

 Google earnings come when someone clicks your ads, people do click on ads, but genuine clicks means they are interested in the products they see therefore, they click to go to the websites they want so they can make purchases. Clicks that result in sales or signups end up awarding you with high earnings.

Not all niches award them same though, a music website is less likely going to make more money than a website that is focusing on attorney general stuff and insurance articles.

Therefore to make money you need to understand and pick your niche based on the principle of the niche having high cpc earning rate.

When your website has low CPC, it means the content on your website isn't worth that much and to increase CPC follow these 10 simple steps

 1.  Post high value articles (2000 words)

 2.  Post high value cpc keywords (insurance, attorney, technology)

 3. Get good quality website traffic 

 4. Add many pictures on a blog article 

 5. Get high quality backlinks for your site

 6.  Avoid violating Google adsense policies 

 7. Do your best to maintain user retation

 8. Post regularly

 9.  Share your article links on social media

10.  Get a lot of geneniue engagement

I will not go much in details on this one.

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Now to the topic of this article.

Google adsense pays well when your website is getting clicks on the ads, these has to be real clicks from realm people. Therefore you need to  make sure that your website is not getting invalid traffic nor you clicking your own ads.

To make money about $100 dollars per day with Adsense what you have to do is to post articles that are worth a lot of money cpc wise.

Articles such as insurance articles and attorney articles.

Why Do Bloggers Who Write About Insurance Get Paid More Than Those In The entertainment Niche

These bloggers who focus on high cpc words are more likely going to be paid more, because there is a lot of money in the niche they are focusing on.

People who ad advertise on Google, pay a biding fee, these fee means that 1 click on the advert shall cost them a certain amount of money. And this money, is therefore subtracted from their accounts, Google takes a share, the blogger gets a share and the one who clicks on the ad gets a aservice or desired product.

In the entertainment industry there is not many people willing to bet on clicks, it's also about possible traffic. There are less people who search on insurance therefore the compettion is high, and the bids are also high. The compettion is high for the small traffic which insurance companies compete for, moreover there is also a lot of money to be gained form the small people who are interested.

Take the same, thing to the music industry and you will notice that, the traffic is usually high and music isn't that profitable much, even YouTube pays musicians just a lot amount of money unlike if the same video, was about finance and posted on YouTube. It would more likely get more earnings than a music video of the same viewers. 

Therefore niche is a great determinant of the amount of earnings you are expected to make via Google adsense. 

How to properly target your Adsense using keyword research

There is a lot that happens when your aim is to increase and maximise adsense earnings. You need to understand that, your earnings depend on the keywords you use and insert on your articles. to increase revenue I have told you to focus on the high paying keywords with potentially high cpc therefore to be able to do this. You need to learn how to keyword research and write articles that target a certain demographic.

For instance

Insurance ads 

Attorney Ads

Technology ads

Video game ads

You need to know what you want to focus on and make sure the articles are very specific. Specific keyword targeting means you will make more money and the people you attract to your website, are the type who are more likely going to pay a lot of money on the ads they see.if your ads are ranking for keywords such as,  google ads, google insurance, google attorney ads.

You are more likely going to make upwards of $100 dollars that is if your articles are ranking on Google search and getting you decent traffic worth the money.

Is Google adsense reliable?

Google adsense being reliable is up for debate, sometimes your earnings might be deducted when you have not done anything wrong, under violations such as invalid traffic and bot traffic that is if you are unfortunate.

Do not plan on adsense paying you well, when your website has issues which are out of your control. AdSense, sometimes can be unpredictable and your fate can be left in the hands of AI robots that might not know what normal human behavior is from your website traffic.

Therefore is google adsense reliable in 2023?

I would give it a 60% reliable for anything else can happen you can see all your earnings get reduced, when you have not done anything wrong. They can also sometimes close your account without warning therefore you need to be ready for anything bad to happen.

Instances where google adsense end up closing accounts are as follows.

When your website is under attack by bot traffic

When your website is hit with copyright issues

When your website is getting too much traffic all the sudden.

When your website gets too much social traffic.

Several common errors you might encounter with Google adsense

Being rejected for approval because of violation of policy

Being rejected because of low traffic

Being rejected because of thin content

Getting Adlimit.

These are some common issues you need to look for and which you are more likely going to face, when you are dealing with Google adsense. It takes google time to understand the type of traffic and most of times some things like adlimit are out of your control.

What do the above errors mean and how to avoid them so your earnings can increase.

1. Being rejected by google because of low traffic

Sometimes google can reject your proposal to apply and earn money with them because your website is not getting decent traffic. 

To apply for google adsense and start making good money of about $100 per day, there is need for you to indeed have good decent website traffic. 

Google adsense requires that you have about 100 organic visitors to your website per day, of course your website traffic might difer from time to time. But  there shouldn't be a very big difference.

Not getting enough website traffic means you will end up getting Adsense limit so adsense can start understanding your website traffic.

To deal with this issue a publisher needs to write decent articles targeting low  SEO difficult Keywords.

2. Getting your earnings deducted because of invalid traffic concerns

Sometimes this happens, and it sucks like hell, no one wants this to happen to them, getting your adsense account earnings taken away from you sucks, you might be expecting something like 

$1000 and end up just getting $200

Sometimes it's even worse, and this can even led to your account getting banned, to avoid this, try as much as possible to limit bot traffic from your site, the more valid your traffic seems the more likely you are going to avoid having issues like ad limit and you shall also prevent getting your ad revenue taken away from you.

 3.  Having ad limit and how to remove it

Adlimit is Google's way of saying we are limiting the number of ads on your site, so we can see and study your traffic, do not mind it, much but if you mind you can remove all the ads codes on your website, so the site can be at 0. When the traffic is at 0 ads will start showing again.

Ad limit come due to 2 extremes,  your site is getting low traffic of less than 100 visitors per day or your site has suddenly started getting very high website traffic and Google adsense algorithm wants to understand where this traffic is coming from.

Ad limit is okay, though the negative side effect of ads limit means that you are going to make less earnings than expected.

Ad limit usually goes within 1 week. When your traffic resets to zero.

 How to Get Your Adsense Account Verified

Getting your Adsense account verified, requires you having an ID, having a proper bank account and also having  $10 in the balance.

For you to verify your google adsense, you need to be able to verify your  physical identity.

You can easily do this, by putting on the actual deals. This shall prompt google to send you a mail text of the verification code (this is a physical  copy) push in the code and your location ID is therefore verified.

Afterwards you can also send your ID to be verified, after sending your ID for verification, are also required to have atleast $10 in your Adsense balance.

Remember this article was about you learning how to make money on Google adsense and the solution to increasing your earnings is as follows

Focus on high paying keywords, increase and improve the quality of your traffic and optomise your adsense to get more decent clicks.

In summary

Adsense is not a get Rich quick scheme. You need to be passionate, when you want to invest in Adsense. It involves building a strong presences online and getting decent traffic worth of adsense pay check. When all is well, you are more likely going to make good money. But if you do not have decent traffic and goog website rankings. You will struggle to make even $1 on Google adsense.