This article shall show you how you can make money online


Apart from making and maintaining social communities worldwide, social media platforms such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc. are potential platforms where one can make so much money. This sample concentrates on how Facebook users can make money on Facebook alongside interacting with friends and others. This is about commodifying possible Facebook utilizations for example through marketing and advertisement through posts and any other related usage of Facebook.  Any Facebook page or group can be used to fetch money. The economic purpose is one of the reasons why some people are hacked of their Facebook accounts especially those accounts with large communities and more potential of exposal to the public for adverts and marketing. The following are ways of making money on Facebook.

Facebook has released new features that allow its users such as creators, influencers, and brands to monetize their content and accounts.  You can monetize your accounts and content by creating videos, collaborating with brands and influencers, creating a subscription service, running paid online events, and using social commerce features to drive your audiences to commerce media platforms.

1.  Creating in-stream ads videos

 You can create and upload in-stream video ads on Facebook to attract the attention of your audiences. These ads are so much ideal with creators and brands that have at least a huge audience. Make sure your ads videos are much longer than a minute but to increase the watching time.  Psychologically, it is rare to forget what you see, therefore, video ads add more value and memory span for the audience. Unlike standalone feeds in their feed, they can be scrolled away. It becomes more effective when both ads videos and feeds are combined to increase the audience range. It is encouraged to create high-quality videos for an eye-catching and clear demonstration.  Just as it is with TikTok and Instagram, have introduced online space for short videos or reels. For example, you might earn $20 when five Reels reach 100 plays and $100 when 20 Reels reach five 500 plays each.


2.  Collaborating with other brands and influencers

Establishing partnerships with other companies is ideal. This means more combining many communities of audiences and consumers together thereby creating a large and diverse community.  Again collaborating with another company help to satisfy the needs and interests of the audience. As a result of this, the loyalty of the companies involved is established and promoted. The more audience the brand or influencer has the more customers or viewers the brand or creators has.


3.  Creating a subscription service

You can add a subscription payment from your fans to the page to encourage your established and loyal followers to continue funding your page.  Getting paid on Facebook depends on the number of followers the brand or creator has. At the moment users can unlock fan subscriptions when they reach 10,000 followers or more than 250 return viewers. If you have 50,000 post engagements or 180, 000 watch minutes you can also unlock a fan subscription fee. You also provide rewards for your followers with a badge or discounts on your services to win their trust in your brand page.  As one of the ways of assuring your audiences are sticking to your page provide important information related to your business.


4.  Running paid online events

As a brand or creator, you can schedule and set up events for your audience to watch. This is not for free.  Audiences and subscribers are supposed to pay for the event before streaming directly for your brand’s page. If the events are interesting and beneficial, followers will turn to like and never miss one. As the creator do not miss your schedule to avoid annoying the audience and losing them. You should make sure you build up your loyalty in the audience to them alive on your page.  

5.  Using social commerce features

Using your ads and posts, you can lead your followers and audiences from your Facebook page to online shopping places such as Shopify sore. Users who have already some small-scale businesses can be effectively helped by advertising their commodities with the Shopify platform. Shopify store is efficient and fast as it reaches the audience who are online at the time you sent ads and links and it directs them to your brand’s page.

The more followers you have on Facebook the more the potential of making more money. Therefore, it is important to grow your page strategically and fast to increase the opportunities of monetizing your Facebook page and its content.